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Vick Haters Best Beware

MDS at the FanHaus brings up the fact that not everyone in the state of Georgia has already deemed Michael Vick guilty, and some are actually still supporting him. No, not this rules of conduct nazi, nor these possibly-more-dangerous-than-Vick people either. Or this guy, he couldn’t dare support his own still innocent player. This guy though, this guy still loves him some vick:

My man with the blue painter’s tape sign isn’t alone though. A 21-year-old revolutionary that goes by the moniker “vickisinnocent” on YouTube brings up some solid arguments, including:


Well said. PETA supporters definitely like to f**k animals.

Update: After the jump.

Based on the description (No. 7 jersey and a sign that reads “Let Vick Play”) I believe the man in the above photo is Doug Weiss. He was quoted several times in an AP story about Falcons camp, and seems surprisingly reasonable:

“I’m sick and tired of people rushing to judgment in this country. I love warm puppies as much as anyone else, but this becomes a perfect play for PETA. Who’s going to argue with them? No one is going to say, ‘We support the killing of dogs.'” … “[Vick’s] an incredible player. It’s been proven. Just about every time he doesn’t play, we lose.”

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