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Thursday’s Basically Top Five Blog Links

80s-night-at-the-phone-booth.jpgCheck out ’80s night at the Phone Booth! In other DC-related “news,” Maryland is terrible right now (more on that later this morning), Domi.Nick play O-U-T (NY shows off one of his dunk contest dunks) and Smoot’s Smack bars get the Bog treatment (Portis says, “It’s got viagra in it.”). Now, onto the national sports blogging “news” of the day …

  1. What to expect from the Mitchell Report. There will be five levels of player names revealed, from Serafini to (potentially) Jeter.
  2. The NFL Network knows no bounds. You may not be able to watch games on your TV, but you can on the side of a blimp.
  3. T.O. vs. Keyshawn. In case you missed it, this is five minutes of aggravating-yet-entertaining TV. “Preach, Key!”
  4. Adios, Tejada. An O’s blog says goodbye, and The Dugout rips it up.
  5. Petrino writes his farewell. Bobby’s letter to the Falcons players was already funny, and then KSK got their hands on it.

Bonus: Steve Nash is the bestGreat goalie slide tackleDefending Kelly Dwyer’s blogA fresh batch of JSF’s Worthless CardsMLB buys FireKennyWilliams.comLeBron is gangsterMike Miller’s monkeyCheers, “Florida QB”Lampanelli and the mystery Bear

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