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The Nats Are Scoring So Many Runs

Twenty-three. That’s how many runs the Nats hung on the Mets in Southeast D.C. yesterday afternoon. That’s so many runs. It’s a franchise record, in fact.

It’s also about how many runs a typical team scores in a week. Or, if you’re the Nats, an entire playoff series. (They average 16.3 per October.)

Washington is averaging a touchdown — 6.8 runs — per game. That’s more than a full run ahead of the No. 2 team (the Yankees at 5.6), and it’s 2.5x more than the lowest-scoring team (Kansas City, 2.7).

They’re also the proud new owners of this obscure record:

Every single regular is batting .278 or better. Two players, Bryce Harper and Ryan Zimmerman, are out of this world:

I love that Harper not only broke that record, but he raised the bar three notches. Also, Zimmerman has the club record for RBIs in April with 29.

One more obscure stat via OG Nats reporter Mark Zuckerman, for good measure:

Way to go, Tony. Collect your prize:

The team’s top four starters — Strasburg, Scherzer, Gio and Roark — are posting a combined ERA of 2.80, and the Nats’ overall record is the best in baseball. They’re 6.5 games up on the Mets.

There are five months between now and October. It’s a long time for things to go wrong, but this feels so right.

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