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Steinberg to Mike Florio: ‘You’re a Dork’

skins-shame.jpgIf you like the Skins, podcasts and WaPo’s Dan Steinberg and Rick Maese, then you’ll enjoy the Redskins Insider podcast.

This week’s edition recapping the debacle in Detroit is particularly compelling, and this portion at the 7:40 mark especially so:

Steinberg: “How about Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk, who probably isn’t listening to the podcast? As soon as [Albert Haynesworth] gets carted off the field he’s tweeting that he probably has a season-ending Achilles tendon tear.*

“I mean, what a dork, Florio. Why don’t you shut it for a couple minutes? I’m serious.

[ … ]

“You’re a dork, Florio.”

Haynesworth returned to the game and was later diagnosed with a slight hip strain, or, as Florio called it, a “butt injury,” which I presume is not serious.

We’ve taken issue with Florio before, but you’ve got to love Steinz’ takedown. Labeling someone a “dork” is about as cold as he gets.

And that’s why it’s a refreshing podcast; good humor and insight on a bad team, with or without Big Al on the field. Listen up.

* Florio’s statement was actually made in a blog post, not a tweet.

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  1. JDP

    October 1, 2009 at 4:51 PM

    Coming from Steinz is that really an insult?

  2. Downtown Dave

    October 2, 2009 at 3:49 PM

    Who knew that Dan Steinburg sounded like such a “dork”….

    Goodthing he only has a blog. Mike Wise’s radio show is secure….

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