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Pittsburgh Is for Whores

Skins-Pitt Preseason Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Today: a 17-13 win vs. Pittsburgh.


Running Game. Despite stalling out on the three, the opening 62-yard drive against the Steelers first team defense — one of the best in the league, obviously — was all rushing save for one 10-yard pass to Cooley. For the game, the Skins had 141 rushing yards (4.1/carry), and a handful of big running plays of 10+ yards.

Defensive Line. Haynesworth is an absolute beast. Orakpo (yes, not technically part of the line, I know) is everywhere. Finally, getting some pressure on the QB might be possible.

Offensive Line. QBs had plenty of time to pass, for the most part, and they opened up holes for the aforementioned running attack.

Marko Mitchell. End the competition for the 5th WR spot now: This guy is the winner.

Hunter Smith. Five punts for an avg. of 44 yards.

Dominique Dorsey. Looked decent running the ball, but should make the team for his punt returning. It’s nice to see a guy actually run upfield.

Fred Davis. Forced a fumble on a punt, then caught a TD on the next play. Sorta made up for fumbling twice last week.

daniel.jpgChase Daniel. Basically looked like Colt Brennan circa preseason ’08, but with less doucheface. Perfect fade in the endzone to Marko Mitchell and hit an open Fred Davis off a nice play action for a second TD. Also showed off his running skills.


Colt Brennan. I’m not sure how they keep him on the team over Daniel based on these two preseason games. He was awful vs. Baltimore and even worse against Pitt. Inside the redzone, in position to put the game away with even a chip-shot field goal, he makes a horrible throw for the INT. GTFO, Colt.

Marcus Mason. The perennial preseason MVP actually had a nice game, but he still won’t make the roster. Hopefully he can get a chance elsewhere.

Special Teams. Cute little fake punt that resulted in a first down, but on the stuff that will actually matter in the regular season, like kick coverage, they sucked. The Steelers had over 200 return yards. Somehow, Danny Smith still has a job.

Jason Campbell. His performance doesn’t really worry me, but 1-for-7 for 10 yards lands you in the “loser” column. He missed several targets, and the deep ball to Kelly on the first play was open had he made a better throw.

Joe Theismann & Mike Patrick. The latter is insufferable; no one denies this. The former called Chase Daniel “Daniels” all night despite his name clearly being displayed in block letters across the back of his jersey. Their witty banter of Twitter and Twackle was mind-numbing. Being ignorant shitheads isn’t all that funny, as it turns out. Also could’ve done without hearing about Theismann’s jock strap.

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  1. Jeff V

    August 24, 2009 at 9:02 AM

    I hate Theismann as much as you can possibly hate a man that won a Super Bowl for your favorite team.

    I blame him for the Kornheiser debacle on MNF.

    I actually think Mike Patrick could be solid if he didn’t have a contrary douchebag disagreeing with everything that he says.

    I just listened to the Joe Theismann show w/ Kevin Sheehan. O. M. G. What a bunch of douchebags.

  2. Downtown Dave

    August 24, 2009 at 12:21 PM

    I actually liked Joe Theismann in the First Half of the game. His constant Rip of the Officals was great, it was refreshing because every “Primetime Annoucer” agrees with the offical and only disagree’s when it is “reviewed”. He was ripping grounding calls, to no pass interference, I liked it. No homer here.

    The second half was another story. His random bable remind’s me of a baseball game when your team is being blown out by 8 runs (insert Nat’s or O’s here). When you have NO stars on the field and the game doesn’t really matter, its hard to not let your mind wander and tell a random story or two that has nothing to do with the game itself. Overall I’ve deff seen/heard worse.

  3. hoovmoney

    September 7, 2009 at 1:45 AM

    At least there were more Skins fans than yinzers in attendance this time ’round.

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