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Mike Shanahan Wants To Draft QB, According To Shanahanologist

Get ready for a long season, Skins fans, because Mike Shanahan is determined to draft a quarterback with the team’s first round pick. It’s practically a lock, according to someone who is good at guessing what Shanahan might be thinking:

But Shanahan is eager to draft and develop a young quarterback, a league source familiar with his thinking said recently, and former Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford has been linked with the Redskins in most early mock drafts. Former Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen also often has been listed as a possible top pick of the Redskins.

It may sound dubious, but this source has a PhD in Shanahanology, the scientific study of what Mike Shanahan may do without actually having an real knowledge of his leanings. These people are very reliable sources for news gathering, as well as an excellent way to uncover what Mike Shanahan may be thinking of eating for dinner tonight or which bachelorette he fancies for Jake (Team Vienna, bitch!). They’re credible sources for REAL JOURNALISM, according to @fakeapstylebook, as opposed to simple mind-readers, who smell like gypsies and probably aren’t on Jason Reid’s Rolodex.

In related news, a source familiar with my thinking believes we should get used to this type of bullshit for the next two months leading up to the draft, when we find out how Russell Okung looks in a Redskins hat.

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