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The Ways In Which What The Redskins Did Makes Sense (Spoiler: It Doesn’t)

The Redskins not only let yesterday’s 4 p.m. deadline to sign Kirk Cousins pass, but they also summoned a select group of reporters to Redskins Park to witness Bruce Allen’s reading of a bizarre statement. He then departed without taking questions.

I can’t emphasis the “bizarre” part enough. Here’s our friend JP Finlay’s account of the scene. Anyway, here are all of the ways in which this fiasco does and does not make any damn sense.

It does make sense, because …

It’s the Redskins. They do shit like hire Jim Zorn to be offensive coordinator and then promote him to head coach two weeks later. Never forget that.

It doesn’t make sense, because …

If you’re going to fail to sign Cousins long-term and also take the unprecedented step of publicly airing the negotiation laundry while mispronouncing the quarterback’s name multiple times and rolling him under the dimwit bus, then you’re simultaneously A) decreasing the chance you sign him next offseason, B) diminishing his trade value and C) creating unnecessary tension for the season ahead.

As Jerry Brewer so eloquently and forcefully stated, Bruce Allen made a bad situation worse.

It does make sense, because …

The amount of guaranteed money it would take for Cousins to consider signing at this point (“$90 million seems like a reasonable baseline”) is borderline prohibitive. I can understand why the Redskins didn’t want to do that.

It doesn’t make sense, because …

Above-average quarterbacks don’t grow on trees, and Cousins is a fringe top-10 guy. Relative to the Redskins 25-year history of incompetence dating back to the glory days, that’s great.

How do you replace him? Via trade? Good quarterbacks don’t get traded. Free agency? Cousins is better than most (all?) free-agent QBs. The top of the draft? You have to tank or trade up to get there, and we’ve seen enough of that. The middle of the draft? Maybe they could find a diamond in the rough, like they did with Kirk Cousins!

Given their inaction on this front this offseason, there doesn’t appear to be a backup plan.

It does make sense, because …

Maybe this is why Doug Williams didn’t get involved in the negotiation with Cousins; he knew it was doomed.

And I think we also now know for sure that Williams isn’t the real GM. Allen is running this thing. Obviously.

It doesn’t make sense, because …

The only way in which this works out in the Redskins favor is if Cousins stinks this year. As Mike Tanier writes, that would kickoff “the start of a rebuilding era in exchange for a clean cap ledger.” After two seasons of solid football, which followed two decades of miserable football, nobody wants that.

It does make sense, because …

The way this went down is in line with Burgundy Blog’s simple theory that the Redskins’ plan all along was to use the franchise tag on Cousins for two and possibly three straight years. It’s not a plan I would be onboard with, but it is a plan nonetheless.

It doesn’t make sense, because …

Allen kept mispronouncing Cousins’ name, calling him “Kurt.” If it’s an honest mistake, how is that possible? And if it’s intentional, why be so petty? A Redskins spokesman told John Keim it’s Allen’s “accent” that’s to blame, which is straight from Chris Christie’s playbook.

It does make sense, because …

Apparently the Cousins camp didn’t counteroffer. If true I’d say it’s because the Redskins’ lowball offer didn’t call for a counter. Or maybe Cousins just doesn’t want to be a Redskin. Or maybe his camp was fearful that a counteroffer, which would be very high, would get leaked to the public.

In reality, though, none of this makes sense. It’s why we hate the team we love.

Update: The homie Matt Terl and I did a pod about this. You like that?!

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