Cal to the Hall, Iron Man to the Rescue

cal-and-cal-senior.jpgCal Ripken’s finest moment came on the heels of his sport’s worst, as the victory lap of 2,131 “saved baseball” from the canceled World Series of 1994. Today, he enters Cooperstown, and, however briefly, delivers us from the muck and the mire of a week of dog fighting, referee scandal and 755 falling in shame.

There’s no doubting he’ll rise to the occasion, he always does, to share a positive and memorable message before a devoted crowd and adoring nation. It helps that he’s joined by Tony Gwynn, a fellow class act, easy HOFer and one-team baller.

I’ll let San Diego speak for Gwynn, but the B’more-DC area is forever thankful for Cal, and it’s good to see him on the grand stage once again, especially during a time of need. The legend grows, as it should.

Jason Campbell Is an Outstanding Actor

Anyone who lives in the D.C.-area has long since be familiar with the Eastern Motors commercials. They feature, or have featured, a long list of athletes who either play in the area (ex. Clinton Ports, etc.), or are from the area (ex. Carmelo Anthony). The real key to their success is their amazingly infectious, and highly annoying, jingle, which is actually from a Shaggy song (read that in the City Paper once).

Apparently, a new batch of these commercials has hit the airwaves, and in this one Jason Campbell makes his small screen debut with a very convincing acting job:


Doesn’t he kind of talk like the “crackhead” who shows up at Peter’s door selling magazine subscriptions in Office Space? I know he’s got some personality in there somewhere.

There is also a new one with Jamal Lewis replacement Willis McGahee, among others.

Note: I apologize for the back-to-back YouTubes, but I’m slightly hungover from our blogger-fest last night, and moving pictures can do the work for me.

Commissioner Cal Ripken, Jr.

I must say, it does have a ring to it. I wish I could claim that the idea of Cal replacing Bud as commish was my own, but it comes from a brain far more advanced than mine. Ozzie Guillen laid this bit of brilliance on us a couple days ago:


“He knows the rules of the game.” That’s great, but so do I. I think there are more qualifications involved in being commissioner, although I have no idea what they are. Therefore, sure, Cal would be great, but if he’s going to be involved in MLB again, I’d much rather have him doing something (anything!) with the O’s. At the very least, I know he cares about bringing them back from the depths of shittiness, unlike Angelos.

D.C. Blogger Happy Hour: Success!


Some of the gang, left to right: Gheorghe the Blog, Awful Announcing, Miss Chatter, Littles, Jamie Mottram, Unsilent Majority.

Awkward moments: Check. Drunkenness: Check. Discussion of the proper way to credit other blogs within a post: Double check!

We didn’t have as much fun as these guys (you really MUST watch that), but it was indeed a good night at Buffalo Billiards last evening for the fourth meeting of the D.C. area sports bloggers, and there’s more info on the night, photos, and who was in attendance after the jump.

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Blog Show No. 17: ‘Suck Walnuts’

So we viewed Blog Show last night at DC Sports Bloggers Happy Hour IV (more on that later). The scene was Bungalow Buffalo Billiards, a big, loud place with TV’s displaying closed captioning, and about eight minutes into it, our transcripted flow was broken up with with the following message: “Talking over each other.”

Perfect. In just four words, The Machine summarized Blog Show more succinctly than I’ve ever been able to. Here’s No. 17, as goofy as ever.


Blog Show No. 17 details after the jump …

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Is That Bill Dudley Next to the Back Zit?

Meet Redskins superfan Kevin McCarthy, who you will certainly not be shocked to learn lives in southern Maryland. He has quite the mosaic (see it larger than you ever would want to) on his rather expansive back, and a custom sleeveless and backless shirt to accommodate it:


I hope he has enough room down there near his ass crack for Art Monk, and eventually, Jason Campbell and Clinton Portis (a brother can dream, no?).

Note: Bill Dudley was apparently an American football player in the 40’s and 50’s. Quite versatile, I must say. He was a halfback, punter, kicker, and WWII vet.

Beware When Dating Girls Who Like NFL

I used to think the idea of dating a girl who was a die-hard Redskins fan sounded so great. But as I’ve grown to the ripe old age of 25, I realize that being around girls who think they know anything about football (or even worse, actually do know anything about football) is just really, really annoying. It’s best if she simply understands that Sunday is sacred, unless the ‘Skins are playing on MNF or Thursday, and to please allow me to go to the home of whichever friend happens to have the biggest HDTV and the most beer and let me be miserable when they inevitably lose.

Having said all that, it’s good to know what I’m getting into if I end up dating a girl who isn’t a ‘Skins fan at all. Some site called Datehole (I wasn’t previously familiar with it) has put together a nice little PSA based on which NFC team your potential girlfriend roots for. An example:


“Explain that should she get pregnant during your time together it’s almost certainly not your child and she should stop watching Rextasy lest she get knocked up again.”

So, you get the idea. It’s not the greatest thing ever posted on the internet, but it did give me an excuse to point to my all-time favorite KSK post.

Phillies Fans: ‘John Lannan Must Die’

Many of you don’t know who John Lannan is, yet some of you want him dead. Allow me to explain …

Lannan made his Major League debut yesterday for the Nats at Philadelphia. He had 40 guests in attendance, including his father and mother, whom was caught on MASN’s broadcast crying after her son was ejected in the fifth inning of a one-run game for plunking Chase Utley and Ryan Howard on back-to-back pitches.

(The entire sequence is on YouTube, thanks to Nasty Nats. Highlights include analyst Don Sutton ripping umpire Hunter Wendelstedt to shreds.)

Unfortunately, the first errant pitch broke Utley’s hand, forcing him out of the lineup for 4-6 weeks. And, even though it was unintentional, a ‘John Lannan Must Die’ Facebook group has emerged with 38 members and counting. Sample quotes from its members:

Philadephia hates Lannan more than than we hate T.O.

next time he’s in town, bring the batteries and used needles..


Sounds like the Philly fans I know. And who’s to blame for this misguided hate mongering? The smart money is on Enrico Campitelli over at The 700 Level, who had choice words for the rookie southpaw last night. Of course, he’s from Philly, so it’s not his fault. They’re born that way.

D.C. Sports Blogger Happy Hour Tonight!

Don’t miss the hottest social date since Harry Potter Part 7 hit the Tysons Corner Borders on July 7! The fourth D.C. blogger meet-up is going down tonight, in the District. Unsilent Majority has details!:

When: Friday July 27th at 5:30ish (this way we can all watch Blog Show while pointing and laughing at Jamie, Dan, and Adam)
Where: Buffalo Billiards off of Dupont Circle (it’s below street level so you’ll feel right at home)
Why: Because livers are overrated and bloggers need to get out more

Last time we had one of these, I was nothing short of a total disaster, so I’ve developed a little list as to keep myself from repeating any of my previous missteps:

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