D.C. Sports Blogger Happy Hour Tonight!

Don’t miss the hottest social date since Harry Potter Part 7 hit the Tysons Corner Borders on July 7! The fourth D.C. blogger meet-up is going down tonight, in the District. Unsilent Majority has details!:

When: Friday July 27th at 5:30ish (this way we can all watch Blog Show while pointing and laughing at Jamie, Dan, and Adam)
Where: Buffalo Billiards off of Dupont Circle (it’s below street level so you’ll feel right at home)
Why: Because livers are overrated and bloggers need to get out more

Last time we had one of these, I was nothing short of a total disaster, so I’ve developed a little list as to keep myself from repeating any of my previous missteps:

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‘Who’s Now’ MVP of the Day

As with the “That Fitted Is Hot, Son” feature, this may, or may not stick as a regular thing on the new Mr. Irrelevant. We’re feeling our way through this, so bare with us, and provide feedback, please.

The premise is almost as simple as ESPN’s “Who’s Now,” but up to five times more awesome: We will pick the most ridiculous, idiotic, moronic, absolutely asinine thing said on that shit segment each day, and bring it to you. This way, you don’t have to watch, but can still laugh at their expense.

  • Today’s MVP: Mike Greenberg
  • Today’s Showdown: Peyton Manning vs. A-Rod (Ali Bracket Finale)
  • Winning Comment: “Peyton Manning has an all-American boy, good old boy, kind of quality about him, which is nice, but it’s not very ‘now.’ I think there’s something a little ‘nower’ about A-Rod.”

Maddux Is ‘Like, Really Bad Now’

The humor of the seemingly ultra-subdued Greg Maddux has been demonstrated before. Although this video is nothing spectacular, I’m a big fan for three reasons: 1) I’m a sucker for mic’ed-up players, 2) The umpire is C.B. Buckner, who is notorious for his horrible strikezone and exaggerated backwards K’s, 3) It’s actually funny… to me at least (click on screen grab to watch):


Of course, Maddux isn’t really bad. He’s 7-7, with a 4.03 ERA, and just 19 walks in 124 innings pitched. I’ve seen Daniel Cabrera give up twice that many in 2/3 of an inning (I realize that inside Orioles jokes aren’t big hits).

Vick Haters Best Beware

MDS at the FanHaus brings up the fact that not everyone in the state of Georgia has already deemed Michael Vick guilty, and some are actually still supporting him. No, not this rules of conduct nazi, nor these possibly-more-dangerous-than-Vick people either. Or this guy, he couldn’t dare support his own still innocent player. This guy though, this guy still loves him some vick:

My man with the blue painter’s tape sign isn’t alone though. A 21-year-old revolutionary that goes by the moniker “vickisinnocent” on YouTube brings up some solid arguments, including:


Well said. PETA supporters definitely like to f**k animals.

Update: After the jump.

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Hopefully Snyder Paid This Lovely Couple

I really have to tip my cap to this classy local couple who decided to have a Redskins wedding. Sure, it’s probably not the route I’d go on my most specialist day in the whole wide world, but then again, I’m never getting married so it’s really a moot point. Please follow the link and enjoy:


A couple of notes worth mentioning here:

  • This is definitely a So. Maryland wedding (Waldorf, perhaps?), not Manassas, as suggested by a Bog commenter.
  • There’s a No. 84 Gary Clark jersey in there. Good form, young lady.
  • Somehow the most obnoxious person isn’t wearing a jersey at all; it’s the dude in the suit who dances his way across the floor with Lavar.
  • What the hell is T.O. circa 1997 doing there (24-second mark)?
  • Over/under on the happy couples’ years spent in holy matrimony: six.

And yes, we stole two items from the Bog today. It’s just that good. I’m sure Dan won’t mind.

(Ed. note: As previously noted by Jamie, we cannot embed video… yet. Someone smarter than us is working on it).

Da Meat Hook Is About to Get That Paper

Bog has the roundup of ruminations, and it sounds like Dmitri Dell Young has inked a two-year, $10 million deal with the Nats. Amazing considering he was almost out of baseball as recently as four months ago.

I love that Da Meat Hook is here to stay, although this can’t mean good things for Nick Johnson’s rehab seeing as how neither guy plays anywhere but 1B. At least not well.

And while my new “Save Da Meat” tee may be out before it was ever in, bravo to Dmitri, pictured here with his younger brother and Tampa Bay RF Delmon.

Update: Nothing’s final, but sounds like there’s an option for a third year at $6 million if the big man gets 500 ABs in ’09 or 900 combined over the next two years.

Photo Essay: Camden Yards Salutes Cal

The men of Mottram made it to Camden Tuesday night as Charm City said, “Way to go for making the Hall of Fame and stuff” to the baller still looming large over their once-proud franchise: Calvin Edwin Ripken Jr.

We hadn’t been to an O’s game yet this year, but they were giving away Cal 2131 bobbleheads so we had no choice but to make like Baltimorons and get our ass to the Yard. Thankfully, Daniel Cabrera threw seven scoreless and the Birds beat Tampa Bay.

Pretty pictures from the evening that was …


Just so you know what time it is as you exit off of I-95.

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Blog Show XVII Pre-Production Meeting

What with all the “spiffily relaunched” Mr. Irrelevant business this week, I’ve hardly had time for Blog Show. Thankfully, Steinz, Littles and Prada have been burning the candle at both ends.

After the jump are their candidates for inclusion in this week’s program, which we’ll discuss this afternoon on our weekly telehootenanny, and this is the leader in the clubhouse for YouTube of the Week:

(Ed. note: You’ll have to click on the image to get the video because this freaking theme we chose doesn’t accommodate YouTube.)

Blog Show XVII You Tube of the Week

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Breaking News: Becks Are Too Posh

OK, so, omg you guys. A totally credible source is reporting that the Beckhams have already worn out their welcome in the normally low-key and humble community of Beverly Hills:

“’All the other players work really hard day in and day out, but no one gives them the royal treatment’ … a friend of one of the Galaxy wives says, ‘I hear Victoria is a total diva! She’s going to have to be a little more humble if she wants people to warm up to her here.’”

Really? Victoria is a bigger diva than David? Do tell!

(Please realize that this was basically an excuse to post that photo of Posh. I love her).

Originally spotted on Drunken Stepfather, which is hands down my favorite non-sports blog.

Much Like Canada Itself, Erik Bedard Is an Unstoppable Rebel Force

If I met some sort of effed up, crackhead genie who was only capable of granting me the wish to be any famous Canadian, I’d want to be J.E. Skeets. But if because said genie was an effing crackhead and wasn’t capable of giving me my first choice, I’d have to go with Emmanuelle Chriqui so that I could see myself naked. But alas, if that didn’t work out either — what with the whole sex change and all — then my first choice would definitely be O’s pitcher Erik Bedard.

Bedard the Crazy Retard (Note: This is not meant to insult the mentally handicapped, Erik Bedard, nor Mike Golic, it’s just that we can’t think of anything else that rhymes with “Bedard”) is quite possibly the best pitcher in the American League right now.

Sure, he only has 10 wins (I use “only” loosely, seeing as 10 wins is good), but if you’re the kind of person who basis a pitcher’s worth on their number of wins, then I’d have to assume you’re the kind of person who watches a lot of “1st and 10” on ESPN and participates in discourse with your friends over “who’s most now” (what I’m trying to say is that you’re not smart, see, not sure if I made that clear).

Bedard leads the league in K’s with 175, 31 more than Santana, and could reach the 300 strikeout mark this year. He also has a 1.08 WHIP, a 3.12 ERA, and a community college education. In his last four starts, he’s allowed two runs while striking out 36 batters over 29 innings. On the season, he has eight quality starts with either a no decision or a loss. That shows you how valuable wins is as a statistic.

Not that any of this matters, or anyone cares about Bedard, because we are, afterall, talking about the Orioles here. They haven’t been relevant in a decade, thus making them “irrelevant.” Get it, get it?! I apologize.