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NFL Confirms What We All Know: Jason Campbell Is Not Tom Brady

The NFL has decided that the blatantly late hit Juqua Parker put on Jason Campbell at the end of Sunday’s game was legal. Which makes perfect sense: The NFL is run by an evil overlord who pulls the puppet strings as he pleases, handing down inconsistent punishments on a whim. Use a prop in celebration to entertain the masses while harming no one: $20,000 fine. Slam a quarterback in his contract season into the ground late, causing him to “black out”: Perfectly legal. That’s how Roger keeps you on your toes!

There is one exception to that second part though: If the QB is Tom Brady, you get the flag every time. Right, Sherm Smith?

“They’d have kicked the guy out of the game, they’d have fined him right on the spot,” Smith joked, when asked what would have happened had Brady been slammed like that. “There’s no question about it,” Smith continued, turning serious. “There’s no way you don’t make that call. I’m just disappointed that the call wasn’t made. I don’t know how you don’t make that call. And I thought he hit him after the throw. Even if he hit him on time, to throw him down the way he did is still a penalty.” […]

“If they tell us that’s not a penalty, then man, what is a penalty?” he asked. “I hate to think the referee [was thinking], ‘Well, this was a fourth-down play, we don’t want to have a bearing on the outcome of the game.’ Well, if it’s a penalty, it’s a penalty. You didn’t do anything. You’re just calling the game.”

And JC’s thoughts:

“Clearly I had already thrown the ball, and you can see it on film where he just kind of grabbed you and kind of body slammed you into the ground,” the quarterback said. “It’s not our job to make those calls, but you do see that those are difference-makers in the game.” […]

Campbell also was again asked whether Brady or Manning gets that call.

“I don’t even think I have to answer that one,” he said. “I’m pretty sure everyone knows that.

(Quotes via Steinz)

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. StetSportsBlog

    December 2, 2009 at 12:45 PM

    Tis’ true. I guess from the league’s perspective, Campbell can’t sell tickets to Fed Ex, let alone subscriptions to the NFL Network and new Sprint Wireless spots.

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