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We Love Matt Albers, But This Doesn’t End Well

For a good read on a bad bullpen, see Thomas Boswell’s latest, which includes this depressingness:

Nats followers delighted in the trade that brought Mark Melancon to the District at the trade deadline last August. But who did they trade? Felipe Rivero, 25, who has a 0.87 ERA in 20 games for the Pirates, is touching 100 mph and looks like just what the Nats need now as a setup man. He’s under team control through 2021.

Alrighty then! The silver lining is, if not for failed micro-experiments with (and injuries to) Blake Treinen, Shawn Kelley and Koda Glover, we wouldn’t have Matt Albers and his bowl full of jelly on the bump in the 9th. Just look at this ol’ boy, saving his second game in as many weeks:

That’s some good chest-thumpin’, high-fivin’, ball-grabbin’ baseball stuff right there. Is he any good at pitching, though?

Sure, by bottom-feeder standards, but not so much for your typical closer. Or anything in between, really. His CV:

*Albers somehow hadn’t recorded a Major League save until his 461st relief appearance. No one else has done that for more than 105 games. Ever. Weird stat.

*He’s 34 years old, stands 6’1″ and weighs 225 pounds, which means he was weighed sometime long ago or after a pretty intense green smoothie cleanse.

*He was terrible with the White Sox last year (6.31 ERA in 51.1 IP) but was pretty good in the four seasons before that (2.32 ERA over 170 IP with five different teams).

And that’s the extent of what’s known about Matt Albers. Sure does get fired up, though.

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