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Michael Vick Removed From Madden ’08, Gamers Left Completely Distraught

Anytime I start to feel like a complete f’ing dork for blogging on a Saturday, I always just think of gamers. Gamers and collectors. They’re surely bigger losers than me. Case in point: Gamers are left wondering how they will possibly continue to not impress women by dominating in Madden:

Michael Vick, the Falcon’s star awaiting sentencing for dog fighting related charges, was removed from the Madden NFL 08 roster update … Vick’s NFL problem, his decision making ability, is taken out of the equation in Madden because the gamer decides when Vick runs and when he throws. Three of the past four Madden Challenge National Champions have used the Falcons to take the crown. The gamers that have utilized Vick are devastated that he’s no longer in the game.

Devastated? Really? I could understand an “oh man, that’s a bummer; guess I’ll play with Vince Young now,” or some such, but this is really affecting the lives of gamers. Forget all those tortured dogs, or Vick and his personal issues, or even the real Falcons for that matter. Having No. 7 removed from Madden is the real damage that’s been done by all this.

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