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Maryland Really A Top-25 Team?

There was a disturbance in the Terpsosphere yesterday when renowned sports blog The Big Lead ranked Maryland No. 13 on its 2012-13 top 25. That’s pretty high for a team that didn’t come close to dancing this year and isn’t bringing in a Kentucky-like crop either.

The Big Lead’s out on a limb too. Here’s where five other ridiculously early top-25 rankings have Maryland:

Beyond the Bets: No. 20 (based on future odds)

Andy Katz: “on the cusp” (26-40)

College Hotline: not ranked in the top 25

CBS New York: not ranked in the top 35

College Basketball Talk: not ranked in the top 39

So which is it, No. 13 or not on the radar? Probably somewhere in between, actually. Here’s Maryland Sports Correspondent Andy Peden’s take:

It’s just so tough to make a guess right now. There’s always the possibility of someone transferring or heading to play pro ball in Europe. I think four recruits are cin for next year with Damonte Dodd possibly headed to prep school or redshirting. Sam Cassell Jr. is still up in the air, but we’ll know in the next few weeks.

With that said, they only lose Sean Mosley but will have a question mark at PG with Pe’Shon Howard. He didn’t play much last year and now has a major injury to recover from. I do think that Terrell Stoglin will continue to mature as a player and expect him to round out his game. I expect a big step up from Nick Faust and Alex Len. Faust really played well late in the year and could be the best player on the team next year. Len obviously needs time to get acclimated to the U.S. and to get stronger.

The good thing for him is next year the Terps are going to have a lot of beef down low. Len shouldn’t have to bang around that much with the physically stronger guys, because the Terps will have James Padgett and Ashton Pankey back along with Shaquille Cleare and Chalres Mitchell. Cleare is a monster already and Mitchell is no slouch. Mark Turgeon will have a lot of flexibility with five big bodies, and no one player will be overly relied upon.

As for the other pieces, I’m hopeful to see Mychal Parker continue to improve and both Seth Allen and Jake Layman add depth to the guard and wing positions. this past year where Turge had basically seven players (not counting Howard), he will have 10 or 11 that can play.

As for an early predication, I think the Terps can be top-four in the ACC and eventually be a top-25 team. Based on what we know right now, they should be back in the Dance.

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  1. slatter

    April 4, 2012 at 8:37 PM

    Maryland will be a top 25 team this year. Maybe not the 13th best team, but much closer to 13 than to not in the top 40!

  2. Terps77

    April 4, 2012 at 11:31 PM

    My favorite thing about this team’s year is how Turgeon got that team to play well despite not having a true PG for most of the season. Its more of a vote of confidence in Turgeon that it is a judgement of the program.

  3. Phil

    April 5, 2012 at 12:03 AM

    They will be back no doubt. Len is currently projected to be a lottery pick but of course a lot can change between now and next year.

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