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Kirk Cousins May Not Be A Top-15 QB After All

CBS Sports senior NFL badass Will Brinson stopped by the pod to talk about a few things, namely Raleigh-Durham craft beer, the NFC East outlook and Redskins training camp Kool-Aid guys (hear below).

We also got to talking about Kirk Cousins. Not his contract or the way in which that’s been handled, but his standing among NFL starting QBs.

For this year only, independent of supporting casts and not looking to the future, where would Cousins rank among all 32 starters? I figured he’d be top-15, maybe borderline top-10. But then I went through the list.

He ended up 16th for me, and 16th for Will, too. Lower than I thought, but have a look …

QBs we ranked ahead of Cousins (not necessarily in this order):

1. Tom Brady
2. Aaron Rodgers
3. Drew Brees
4. Ben Roethlisberger
5. Matt Ryan
6. Russell Wilson
7. Cam Newton
8. Derek Carr
9. Andrew Luck
10. Dak Prescott
11. Marcus Mariota
12. Matt Stafford
13. Philip Rivers
14. Jameis Winston

The other guy Will had ahead of Cousins:

15. Carson Palmer

And the other guy I had ahead of Cousins (sorry):

16. Eli Manning

We both had Cousins at 16, but I’ll put him at 17 here:

17. Kirk Cousins

The guys we mentioned that aren’t far removed from Kirk country:

18. Andy Dalton
19. Sam Bradford
20. Tyrod Taylor
21. Joe Flacco
22. Carson Wentz
23. Alex Smith

And finally, all the rest. You don’t want to get stuck down here:

24. Blake Bortles
25. Trevor Siemian
26. Mike Glennon
27. Brian Hoyer
28. Jay Cutler
29. Tom Savage
30. Cody Kessler
31. Josh McCown
32. Jared Goff

Sixteen or 17 is exactly league-average, and I think it’s about right. As far as Redskins QBs go, I also think I’ll take it.

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