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Wale, the unofficial recording artist of Mr. Irrelevant, released the “More About Nothing” mixtape yesterday. If you’re familiar with Wale, you’ve already downloaded it. If not, start with the prequel, “Mixtape About Nothing”, and then come on back.

I’m still working through “More About Nothing” (it is 21 tracks after all), but I had to share the lyrics/words of track No. 13, “The Best in the League”, starring Kevin Durant:

DJ Omega: “You gotta do this thing for the tape!”

Durant: “Man, I don’t really be doing that, man. But since you dragged me in here, dawg … Shout out my brother, my main man, Wale. It’s “More About Nothing”, man. Straight out of D.C. Oklahoma City Thunder in the building, man. So once again, it’s KD. About to bring in this hot shit, man. Wale. Boy, we all out here. Man, shout out my man, DJ Omega, man. From the beginning. Dragged me in this joint, man. I be chillin’ though. You all know me. I play for OKC Thunder, No. 35. Come check us out.”

Omega: “What else, man? You gotta talk to the people. What else?!”

Durant: “Man, what I do?”

Omega: “Something light. C’mon, man.”

Durant: “Youngest scoring champ ever.”

Omega: “And?!”

Durant: “2010 NBA All-Star.”

Omega: “And?!”

Durant: “Led my team to the playoffs.”

Omega: “What else, man? What else? Above all and everything, what else, man?”

Durant: “Man, I’m from D.C. That’s all you need to know.”

Me too, KD! Me too. Well, Vienna, Va. actually. But, still.

Hear the track here. Download the mixtape here. Support Wale all over.

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