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DMV: Jerry Sandusky Spurned By Maryland Three Times

Accused Penn State child abuser Jerry Sandusky was a finalist for Maryland’s head coaching job in 1991, 1996 and 2000. [City Desk]

LaVar Arrington, who played for Sandusky, was shocked by the allegations. [Hard Hits]

The Caps were waxed by the Stars at home, losing 5-2. [Japers’ Rink]

Ten things you may not know about the Caps’ Karl Alzner. [Capital Games]

The Caps and Rangers swapped minor prospects. [Caps Insider]

Ravens, Redskins fought over strippers, says Bart Scott. [Shutdown Corner]

This detailed review of FedEx Field is not a favorable one. [Burgundy Blog]

The Skins picked up ’08 SF first-round DE Kentwan Balmer. [The Insider]

Sounds like the Nats are interested in signing Roy Oswalt. [Ken Rosenthal]

Thanks to the lockout, Buckhantz and Chenier are calling AU games. [Bog]

NBC4’s Jim Vance tells a great story about the late Joe Frazier. [DCist]

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  1. Joe Z

    November 9, 2011 at 8:31 PM

    I’m so sick of hearing about how much FedEx sucks without real suggestions on how to improve it. The Redskins aren’t moving back to DC. And even if they did, we would be paying PSL’s AND dealing with the suck bucket team.

    The truth is that the Redskins have never been a great “game day experience” team, because they haven’t had to be! The author mentions that he’s seen minor league stadiums with better fan atmospheres. Well, that’s because they need to. The product on the field is not what interests the majority of the attendees at the games. They come for the atmosphere, for the stuffed animals handed out at the gate, and the little games that are played between innings.

    The Redskins, on the other hand, have a fan base unlike any other. We are incredibly loyal and the games would sell out even if they were held in a high school gym. The Redskins are definitely aware of this and Snyder keeps cashing in on that fan ATM, despite his best efforts to ruin this team for the past decade plus.

    What is my point? The Redskins aren’t going to spend the money to improve your “gameday experience” when we continue to buy tickets, beer, and merchandise. There’s no point. Until people stop coming, until people stop $pending, things will not majorly change.

    Besides, we all know that our feelings towards the stadium and the parking would all be different if the Redskins were consistent winners. Sure, people would still complain. But if we were to watch some playoff games there every year, it wouldn’t be so bad right? Daniel Snyder didn’t build Jack Kent Cooke Stadium, but it sure seems like it.

    So I’ll keep scouring this website and extremeskins to find real suggestions on how to improve that gameday experience that everyone doesn’t seem to mind to pay for anyway. Let’s just say that my mind, when it comes to the Redskins, is more focused on the product that’s on the field rather than what’s surrounding it.

  2. pony

    December 22, 2011 at 10:44 AM

    dirty pig

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