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Jack Kent Cooke Book: New Tales About The Debaucherous Old Redskins Owner

There’s a Jack Kent Cooke book coming out, and it’s written by the Squire’s one-time secretary, Cat Crozier. Here’s the cover of “Dancing With the Devil,” which could easily be confused for a book about Dan Snyder, as well as the description (via the book’s Facebook page):

A true story based on memoirs kept by Cat Crozier, executive secretary to NFL team owner and “billionaire bully” Jack Kent Cooke, 1991-1993. Take a wild roller coaster ride with Cat as she serves her self-imposed sentence of 2 years as secretary to Jack Kent Cooke, notorious owner of the Washington Redskins. Every day brings new rules, challenges, chaos and moral conflict as Cat struggles to keep Cooke’s house, office and life in order. The 80 year old cantankerous, curmudgeonly Cooke regularly subjects Cat to his outrageous behavior and verbal abuse while, in the same breath, he turns on his irresistible charm. Cooke’s 30-something wife, “the Bolivian bombshell” is big trouble for everyone. Follow her journey as Cat experiences total euphoria one moment and utter despair the next, all at the whim of Cooke, the master puppeteer.

Juicy. Or potentially juicy, at least. That was an interesting time for the sons of Washington. Of course they won their last Super Bowl following the ’91 season, and Joe Gibbs walked away the following year. His successor, longtime coordinator Richie Petibon, was then hired and subsequently fired. Oh, and the “Bolivian bombshell” stuff too. From Wikipedia:

“Following Cooke’s death [in 1997], it was revealed that his final wife, Marlene Ramallo Chalmers—a former drug runner from Bolivia who was 40 years his junior—had been cut out of his will. Cooke and Chalmers had married in 1990, divorced in 1993 (after she made headlines in May 1992 by accidentally shooting herself in the finger and in September 1993 by driving drunk in Georgetown with a man pounding on the hood of her Jaguar convertible), and remarried in 1995. Chalmers filed suit against Cooke’s estate and reportedly received $20 million in a settlement reached about a year after Cooke’s death.”

So there’s that. We have a request out to Crozier for more information, but the book should be out any day now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

(Thanks to Mr. Irrelevant reader SaveDaveMckenna for the tip.)

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  1. Derek

    July 8, 2011 at 3:23 PM

    And I’d like to start the countdown clock for the Dan Snyder suit alleging that the cover is libelous and anti-semetic because of the horns….Since it’s Friday I’m setting the clock at 4-5 days, so expect a court filing by Wednesday or so….

  2. SaveDaveMckenna

    July 8, 2011 at 6:16 PM

    If you haven’t heard back from Cat, I can get you an e-mail, if you e-mail me.

  3. Suzanne Kent Cooke

    April 23, 2014 at 11:54 PM

    What was in the brief case Marlena kept in her car during the funeral . I already know , but let’s see if u can guess?

    • jason

      December 28, 2016 at 4:50 PM

      I read this book. Cooke, as charming as he was and seemed, and as brilliant as he was in business, his personal life seemed to be a total mess. Why would someone of his stature associate himself with such a lowlife like Marlena? She is just pure trash. Obviously she was there to get paid. Why did he let himself become so pussy whipped and get used?

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