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Is This Cristian Guzman Collage The Most Natinals Memorabilia?

OG Nats blog Capitol Punishment is doing a thing where it names the “most Natinals players.” You know, from the 2006-10 period of Nationals baseball when they were pretty much the laughingstock of Major League Baseball (if not all of sports).

Which got me thinking when I saw this Cristian Guzman dirt collage. Is it the most Natinals memorabilia? And, if not, what could possibly be more Natinals?

If you’ll recall, Guzman was a Jim Bowden special, signing with the Nats for four years and $16 million. He was absolutely awful right out of the gate, with an almost unimaginable .219/.260/.314 slash line before battling back from injury and making the ’08 All-Star Game and then being pretty bad again in ’09-10. He was a core member of the fat Nats throughout.

With that as the backdrop, consider that this piece of merch, for sale in the official online shop of the Washington Nationals (only $59.99!), “includes a 5×7 photograph, descriptive nameplate and a capsule of MLB Authenticated game used dirt, taken directly from the field of play.” It may or may not be autographed, but no one cares.

That’s got to be the most Nats memorabilia, right?

(Guzman collage found via my USA TODAY Sports soul brother, @chaztopher.)

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  1. RB

    September 28, 2012 at 10:38 AM

    I saw him at the Philbin’s gym one day with John Lannan (it is my understanding that the owner of that gym is now the trainer/ strength coach for the Nationals). Guzman was rocking a red velour sweatsuit with two huge diamond earrings and was doing an exercise where he had to toss a huge medicine ball through one of the rafters in the ceiling and catch it on the way down. He was having too good of a time to be working out and upon further inspection I figured out why…… He was high as shit, I mean a Cheech and Chong level of stoned.

  2. Pam

    September 28, 2012 at 10:48 AM

    I saw him hit the cycle once .. probably the biggest accomplishment he ever had as a Nat! lol

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