Chris Cooley Continues to Wear Hot Pants

Captain Chaos is one of my favorite Redskins and straight up got robbed in Steinberg’s top DC athletes rankings. So it was with great joy that I discovered that a) he’s about to get paid b) he’s still wearing short shorts and c) the team is firmly behind him.

Extreme Skins has more pics of Cooley’s sexy (and Janky Spanky back in action!).

Update: Deadspin picked this up, which was nice, and The 700 Level uses Cooley’s short shorts to start a best-NFC-East-TE discussion. When it comes to pass catchers at the position, there’s an embarrassment of riches in this division, and, Johnny White Guy probably falls behind Jason Witten and the insufferable Jeremy Shockey and just ahead of L.J. Smith.

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