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Tyler Clippard Earned It


The news that the Nats will have an all-star after all, and that that all-star will be Tyler Clippard, is a little puzzling. Basically because Rafael Soriano is the closer, and he has a 0.97 ERA to boot.

Clippard’s ERA (2.03) isn’t quite there, but his other numbers are. He leads the pen in innings (40) and strikeouts (53), and he handles high-leverage eighth-inning situations. Plus, he’s been doing it for years.

This may be his best year, though. His FIP’s never been lower (2.49), and his Ks per nine innings have never been higher (11.9).

It’s Clippard’s second all-star selection. You could say he’s come a long way since Jim Bowden got him for nothing.

Jayson Werth ‘Could Do Algorithms’

Via Kilgore:

“Just because you can do something else doesn’t mean you can hit. If you can hit, you can do anything. Because it’s the hardest thing to do. There’s nothing harder. I can bake a cake. I could figure out a way to do algorithms. But a guy that knows how to do algorithms could never hit. It’s literally the hardest thing to do. If you can do the hardest thing, you can do anything else.”


GIF via The Big Lead

(GIF taken with love from FTW.)

DMV: Links Of Pain

Shanahan is considering benching RGIII for the duration. [Insider]

Shanahan’s press conference sounded like a GREAT time. [Bog]

23 ways Shanahan could make Snyder fire him. Brilliant. [Bog]

The @redskins tweets during Skins-Chiefs were perfection. [Bog]

This KC-area Sonic sign during Skins-Chiefs is great too. [FTW]

Mike Wise thinks Dan Snyder should sell the team. Okay. [Wise]

Rizzo says Espinosa will be a utility infielder now. [Nats Journal]

Rizzo explains why he spent $10m on fourth OF Nate McLouth. [NJ]

The Wiz lose an ugly one 75-74 to the Nugs. [Bullets Forever]

Good news about Beal, and bad news about Harrington. [BF, BF]

Jordan Crawford named Eastern Conference POTW. [Wiz Insider]

Maryland is playing Marshall in the Military Bowl. [Terps Insider]

D.C. is the third-losingest pro sports city in America. [FTW]

DMV: It’s Dallas Week

Plenty of Washington football news, but focus: It’s Dallas Week. [ESPN]

Dez Bryant has bigger name, but is Pierre Garçon as good? [RR]

D-Hall, Skins have much to play for this week, 1 game out. [CSNW]

Cold blooded headline for Nats season: World Series or Bust. [NE]

Braden Holtby has been out and about signing a baby. Yep. [RMNB]

Good sign that Nene is already talking about playing less minutes? [CSNW]

Turgeon thinks Terps could be a “more complete” team. [Testudo Times]

Ricky Williams compares his weed habit to Popeye’s spinach habit. [FTW]

For the folks who watched League of Denial, live chat with authors at 6. [DS]

DMV: Peter King Breaks Down Skins Chances

Barry Cofield practices w boxing glove-like club on his hand, is tough. [RR]

Good read on Leonard Hankerson’s adjustment to pro football, family. [WT]

Fred Davis plans revenge on NFL that wanted to sign him for cheap. [Bog]

Interesting look at the aging, most famous Skins fan Chief Zee. [WP]

Twitter beef between Bryce Harper and Ian Desmond over bus rides. [NE]

Nats win in Philly last night, but that curly W had plenty of warts. [NI]

Mike Morse in Baltimore uni. Who gets parental rights to Take On Me? [NE]

Orioles come up short despite 9th inning rally last night in Cleveland. [CC]

After 15 years of sellouts, looks like Hokies have extras for sale. [WP]

Playboy takes a look at the proper age for men to stop smoking grass. [PB]

Nats Have Lost Focus, If They Ever Had It

The biggest problem with last night’s bullshit “brawl” was the Nats clearly have lost focus. Maybe lost focus is putting it mildly, because based on a 54-59 season that has the team 14.5 games back in early August, it’s arguable the team lacked focus from the beginning.

But back to last night.

Harper hit a bomb off Braves starter Julio Teheran, and Harper took a few seconds to enjoy it. Everyone who’s watched baseball for a little while knows what happens next: Harper’s getting hit. This is the rule of the land, like getting boo’d wearing an Eagles jersey in the FedEx parking lots.

Don’t lie to yourself and say Harper didn’t show up Teheran, he did, we all saw it.

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DMV: Who Made The Clown Move?

Nats lose but story is Bryce Harper HBP after HR, jawing at pitcher. [NE]

Even with Bryce excitement Nats still can’t beat Braves, fall 14.5 back. [NI]

Meanwhile on the Left Coast, O’s win, stay in hunt for AL Wild Card. [CSNB]

Adam Jones gives great performance in San Diego homecoming. [CC]

Not to be outdone, Orioles got in on Twitter clowning last night too. [WWW]

Good thing Raul Ibanez can hit, bc this is the worst throw of all throws. [DS]

If you haven’t seen Peyton & Eli rap yet, this is your chance. [FTW]

Kirk Cousins not sure how much he will play Thursday night vs Titans. [WP]

Stars, they’re just like us: Santana drove crappy car in college. [Redskins]

Being haters, the NFL will now flag Alfred Morris’ HR swing. [Yahoo]

Training camp shows Skins want breakout for Aldrick Robinson. [CSNW]

Wizards schedule released last night, looks tough early, soft late. [BF]

Aug. 11-18 is DC Beer Week, looking for tips to best events. [DCBW]

DMV: Chris Davis, Not On Steroids

With incredible season bringing out PED-theories, Davis shuts it down. [OU]

Jason Hammel can’t finish strong in Chicago, O’s win streak snapped. [CC]

Brian Roberts appreciates Camden Yards support despite injuries. [CSNB]

Strasburg throws a gem, makes Brew Crew lose helmets, still loses. [NE]

Not pointing blame at team, Stras sick of talking about run support. [NE]

Drew Storen got smacked around in a 4-run eighth, not pretty. [WP]

Mike Ribeiro’s wife #pissedbeyondbelief at Caps for letting hubby go. [FTW]

Donte Stallworth explains his past hate gave fuel to LGBT support. [Bog]

Kevin Durant is unequivocally one of the good guys. [Bog]

John Wall and Dwight Howard travel to China, hilarity ensues. [CSNW]

We all knew MJ was up to no good at times, but Kennedy?!?!? [Deadspin]

DMV: Bryce Harper Back To The Show

Bryce Harper to return from knee injury tonight, Nats need him. [NI]

Ian Desmond broke the Mets with this rocket off a back-up catcher. [SG]

Maybe Dan Haren was actually hurt, and thus, could improve. [Nats Journal]

Crush Davis leads the Orioles to a sweep over visiting Yankees squad. [WP]

O’s have won four straight, celebrate with some GIFs. [Camden Chat]

Davis and Miggy Cabrera in middle of epic batting battle this summer. [DS]

Brian Roberts has been through a lot, but is now back in Baltimore. [CSNB]

Vote for best MLB stadium food. Boogs @ OPACY>Anything @ Nats. [FTW]

A look at the Caps draft, starting with 1st-rd. guy from Sweden. [JR]

Caps decide to let Mike Ribeiro walk, won’t re-sign the vet. [RMNB]

NBA free agency period is open, but don’t expect much from Wiz. [WP]

Don’t forget how fun and weird this year’s NBA Draft was. [Grantland]

Former Terp Phil Costa gets engaged to Hulk Hogan’s daughter. [Balt. Sun]