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The Top 5 Nats and O’s Celebration Vines Taken By Chris Mottram

I was pretty excited to watch both the Nats and O’s possibly clinch their respective division championships last night. What ended up happening, though, is I fell asleep on the couch after putting the kids to bed, and woke up well past the Nats party and just as the O’s party was getting started.

Thankfully, my brother Chris only has one kid, not three, so he was able to stay up and take pictures of his TV. Fun!

1. Bryce came prepared

2. This is how it’s done

3. Another reason to hate Soriano

4. Kevin Frandsen’s most important contribution this year

5. Meanwhile, in Baltimore …

It is only September 17th. Rest up for October.

Here’s What Mark Turgeon Looked Like In College With Short Shorts

You probably weren’t spending your Tuesday night watching the Maryland-Alabama NIT game on ESPN, but this happened:

And here are the late ’80s, “Danny & the Miracles” screengrabs to prove it:

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Nationals Win The 2012 NL East Championship For Real (PHOTOS)

Here was the scene in Nats Park (via MASN) upon Atlanta losing to Pittsburgh, thus handing the division crown to Washington for the first time in forever.

You can already buy your NL East champs gear on, but I’m holding off in case they end up winning the whole damn thing. For now, it’s a bit of the Johnnie Walker Blue, which I’d been saving for a special occasion. This counts.

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The Nats Turned Kind of Blue

Not only were the Nats wearing beautiful Grays throwbacks tonight in Milwaukee, but MASN’s broadcast somehow turned them blue for some period of time. Hit the link to learn more at the Bog, but I just had to share here for posterity.

The Nats won, BTW, and now have a .600 record through 100 games. Jordan Zimmermann’s ERA is also down to 2.28, because he’s a hoss, in any color.

8 Nats Things From A Natitude-Filled 2012 MLB All-Star Game

1. Pregame Intros

Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg each got above-average-sounding ovations, with Harper’s being louder. Gio Gonzalez’ was probably below-average, but he was still smiling, of course.

2. Facial Hair

It seems a lot of baseball players shave their beards up too high on the neck, Gio being one of them. (Nice 1-2-3 inning, BTW.)

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Scenes From Bryce Harper’s D.C. Debut, Starring An Amazing Toss

Bryce Harper’s Nats Park debut just wrapped with the D.C. nine losing their fifth straight, but here are some fun images gathered via our friend Andy Peden and MASN’s broadcast. (Note: We should have more tomorrow via Mathew Brown. If you have some too, send them in.)

First, this is where Harper caught a sacrifice fly. Bob Carpenter estimated it at 270-280 feet from home plate:

And this is where his throw ended up, right on the money in time for Wilson Ramos to apply the tag, except the umpire called the runner safe, which is such an umpire thing to do:

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Art Monk On MTV (PHOTO)

Someone sent this to me, and now I can’t remember who. Reveal yourself and I shall update accordingly. Also, I actually have a nameless 81 jersey myself. It’s beautiful (Update: It was Jon Forrester. Thanks, Jon!)

Art Monk’s jersey was on the MTV show “I Just Want My Pants Back” tonight. It was a legit screen press one, but they took the name plate off. Funny thing was on the show some fat mess dances up on a girl and is denied, then goes back to the bar. So Art Monk was rejected in a roundabout way.

‘Blake Griffin Is the American Jan Vesely’

I love the Wizards’ draft. Chris Singleton is a godsend at 18, and Shelvin Mack seems like a great value pick at 34. But Jan Vesely stole the show.

First, immediately upon being selected No. 6 overall he stood up and made out with his girlfriend.

ESPN’s Fran Fraschilla then complimented Vesely’s “great taste in women,” compared him to Tom Chambers and predicted he’ll “win a dunk contest,” all in the time it took the 21-year-old to walk across the stage.

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