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One Way Of Quantifying The Wizards’ Newfound Popularity

This data comes from Mr. Irrelevant Tickets partner TiqIQ, and I don’t deny it:

This season, Wizards tickets had an average secondary market price of $65, second-cheapest in the NBA. The playoffs are a different story.

Over the last three days and two wins in Chicago, Wizards playoff tickets increased to an average of $306, fifth-most expensive of any team in the NBA Playoffs. It also gives the Wiz the highest playoff ticket price premium in the league. With their run-up in prices, the Wizards have a playoff premium of 348%, dwarfing the next highest (the Raptors at 269%).

You can buy Wiz-Bulls Game 3 tickets through us, and here’s a handy NBA Playoff tickets infographic. Just don’t look at the Vegas championship odds.

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Your Guide To Buying Redskins Tickets In 2013

We’re hoping to do an Open Thread and Winners & Losers post for tomorrow’s Redskins-Steelers tilt. For now, though, a word from our friends at TiqIQ.

The Washington Redskins are entering uncharted territory. After starting 2012 at just 3-6 and making an unlikely run to the playoffs, they’re suddenly no longer a sleeper team that is flying under the radar. Instead, some will have them as sneaky Super Bowl favorites, and even more will have them winning the NFC East for the second year in a row. Most of that stems from what quarterback Robert Griffin III did as a rookie a year ago, and provided his surgically repaired knee is up to snuff, analysts everywhere will assume he can easily do it again.

It won’t be easy to answer those Super Bowl cries, but RG3 and co. don’t have an impossible feat in the NFC East, as the Philadelphia Eagles aren’t expected to be serious playoff threats, whereas the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys both missed the playoffs last year.

Washington’s resurgence has prices for 2013 Redskins tickets at home set at $219, which is a steady 22.49% increase from a year ago. With the Redskins on the rise and taking aim at more than just a playoff appearance, let’s take a step back and check in on their best and worst games for 2013:

Top 3 Priced Home Games

1. 12/22 vs. Dallas Cowboys | Avg: $303 | Get-in: $60

Talk about a huge game. This one comes in week 16, too, which could be huge for either the Cowboys’ or Redskins’ playoff push. Considering that these two teams are long-time rivals and the two games they gave fans last year, this is a fair price at just 39% above the home average.

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A Brief History Of Nats-O’s Ticket Prices In One Handy Infographic

From our friends at TiqIQ, which powers Mr. Irrelevant Tickets:

As evidenced by the price of Nats-O’s tickets at Camden last year, winning ballgames seems to effect ticket demand. That said, you can still get in the door tonight at Nats Park for $12 and at Camden on Wednesday and Thursday for $7 and $3, respectively. Get those Nationals vs Orioles tickets, if you like. It does seem to be turning into a rivalry, after all:

Your May Guide To Nats Tickets

Here’s a post from our friends at TiqIQ.

Following a series split with the Atlanta Braves to stay within two and a half games of Atlanta in the NL East, the Washington Nationals turn their focus to a new month with the first 29 games of their season behind them. With Bryce Harper returning to the lineup just one day after leaving early with an injury to his left side, the Nationals look to be hitting their stride from last year having gone 5-3 against the Reds and Braves in a critical eight game span over the past week.

Unfortunately for the Nationals, they will take to the road a decent amount in the month of May with 16 games on the road compared to only ten games within the friendly confines of National Park. Five of these games will come in the next week in a half as Washington experiences the allure of full-season interleague play when the Detroit Tigers come into town in a quick two-day weekday series on the 7th and 8th. As a typical weekday series, these two games will not cost hometown fans as much as usual:

– 5/7 vs Detroit: $33/$4
— 5/8 vs Detroit $32/$4
– Series Average: $32 (52% below home average)

(Note, the Nationals’ home average for the season sits at $67)

As of May 2nd, the Tigers remained only half a game behind the surprising Royals in the AL Central and features one of the most potent and dangerous offenses in the league.

The Nationals will return home at the end of the week to take on the lovable loser Chicago Cubs who are mired once again in the basement of the NL Central despite a relatively good start of the season for their starting pitchers. The Cubs have had weak run support, which will almost certainly be a continuing problem for the squad throughout the rest of the year. Despite the poor start from the club, Nationals tickets for this series are not cheap as one might expect:

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Redskins-Cowboys Is A Really, Really, Really Expensive Ticket

Sunday night’s Redskins-Cowboys game (AKA The NFC East Championship) is not only this week’s most expensive NFL ticket, it’s the most expensive regular season NFL ticket in four years. That’s according to our ticket partner TiqIQ, at least, which says the No. 2 game is Cowboys at Saints in 2009 and No. 3 is Steelers at Cowboys earlier this year.

Tickets are averaging $719, and you can’t get in for less than $267. If someone gave you one for Christmas, cherish them dearly. If not, it’s Dallas, and getting Redskins tickets here is as good a bet as any. Happy hunting.

Skins-Ravens Tickets Are Pricey

This is a sponsored post from our partners at TiqIQ. Happy shopping!

Following a statement win in primetime over the defending Super Bowl champs, the Redskins try to improve to 7-6 Sunday at FedEx Field against the Ravens. Thanks to the arrival of Robert Griffin III, Redskins tickets have been in even higher demand than usual this season, and, at an average secondary market ticket of $371/ticket, this weekend’s “Beltway Bowl” is the Redskins’ second-most expensive home game this season.

In fact, it will cost $135/ticket just to get in the door at FedEx. Prices have jumped 26% this week alone and the $371 average price is 86% higher than the team’s regular season average ticket price. By comparison, tickets to this game are 68% more expensive than the average Ravens road game. It’s a matchup that holds major ramifications for both teams, and should easily live up to the hype and price tag.

If Washington continues their roll, they could potentially be sitting in first place in the NFC East by week’s end, while another loss for Baltimore could mean a loosening grip on the NFC North. With this, the demand for Redskins tickets will likely increase as the playoff push continues.

Our partner TiqIQ has teamed up with SeatCrunch to bring you great deals on Washington Redskins Tickets. Use the code ‘SAVE’ for free FedEx shipping (or equal $14 value). Check out the deals here, at SeatCrunch.

Ticket Prices For All Eight 2012 Skins Home Games In One Chart

If you’re hoping to catch a Skins game at FedEx this year, you may want to go this weekend vs. Cincinnati, or maybe in October against Atlanta or Minnesota. Wait much longer than that and not only will you be dealing with more of the opposition in the parking lot and in the stands, but you may be paying more too. So, yeah, buy now through Mr. I Tickets if you like.

Get Caps-Rangers, Bryce Harper Debut Tickets For Low-Low Prices

Here are a couple of infographics from TiqIQ, which powers Mr. Irrelevant Tickets. First up is the Caps-Rangers series, where prices for tickets in Washington are significantly lower than those in New York. Get in the door tomorrow night for as low as $133.

And here’s the infographic showing price fluctuation for Bryce Harper’s home debut tonight. I know it’s last-minute, but tickets start at $6. If you’re in the D.C. and not going to this game I don’t even know you anymore.

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