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Redskins-49ers Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 17-14 loss in San Francisco.

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Alfred Morris – Topped 100 yards rushing for the first time this season, which is nice.

Tress Way — Pinned two or three inside the 10 and averaged 47 per. Team MVP.

Jim Haslett — It brings me no joy to slap the “winner” tag on Haz, and it’s no great feat to hold the 49ers to 17, but his squad did it despite being down to Santana Moss at cornerback. (Really.)

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Redskins-49ers Predictions


Cheers to Z for predicting the Redskins would lose in excruciating fashion to Tampa Bay. Now he gets to guest post!

Here are our crackerjack staff’s scientific predictions for this week’s game. Make yours down in the comments. Whoever comes closest becomes a published author on this here weblog.

Chris Mottram: 49ers, 31-10

I would argue last week was rock bottom of the Snyder Era — coming off a bye, a 20-point blowout loss at home to a one-win team in which your franchise quarterback looked absolutely lost, followed by a week of PRESS CONFERENCE-GATE. Can they sink even lower? Can’t wait to find out!

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17 Redskins Sponsors You Can Try To Live Without

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At this point, I think the only thing we can do as Redskins fans to affect change is to A) switch teams or B) stop giving the team money.

With regard to Option A, I’ve tried to adopt my home state Panthers as a favorite team in-waiting. Of course, they’re on a five-game losing streak, with the latest loss coming on a pair of misses from ex-Redskins kicker Graham Gano. So that’s going well.

With regard to Option B, most of us stopped going to games and buying merch long ago. The last game I went to at FedEx was JMU-West Virginia, over two years ago. And I can’t remember the last bit of Redskins apparel I purchased, though my wife did get me RGIII socks for Christmas 2012. (“Unbelievably Believable” had a different meaning then.)

So, what do we do? We could quit the team, but that doesn’t feel right. Or we could hit Dan Snyder in the wallet, where it hurts.

To that end, here’s a list of Redskins corporate sponsors* to consider boycotting. Who knows how much it’ll help, but it’s stuff like this that forces Snyder to consider two options of his own: A) sell the team or B) at least put a real football mind in charge.

*This list is incomplete and some of the companies may not be active sponsors. Our apologies for the revenue shortage they’re about to experience.

1. Harris Teeter — Between Giant, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, etc., this shouldn’t be hard. (If it’s the complimentary sugar cookies you want, feel free to swing by and dip your fingers into that little germ-riddled plastic box.)

2. FedEx — Do people still ship things? LAME.

3. Bank of America — There are other, perhaps less American banks.

4. Coca-Cola — It’s gut rot anyway.

5. Papa John’s — Miss you already, garlic sauce.

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Redskins-Buccaneers Predictions

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 12.30.29 PM

Cheers to beck of a good time for predicting the Redskins would lose in excruciating fashion at Minnesota. Now he gets to guest post!

Here are our crackerjack staff’s scientific predictions for this week’s game. Make yours down in the comments. Whoever comes closest becomes a published author on this here weblog.

JP Finlay: Redskins, 34-17

Skins best effort of the year. Tampa Bay WRs are a worry but Breeland and Amerson play well. Pass rush gets to McCown. RGIII with 2 TDs.

Jamie Mottram: Redskins, 27-20

After watching Josh McCown’s emotional press conference from last week, I think I’m going to root for the Bucs from here on out. After this week, of course.

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Redskins First Half Winners & Losers

Here with a guest post for accurately predicting the Dallas game, it’s Mr. Irrelevant reader and “Snyder Sucks” T-shirt model Ryan Fitzpatrick.


Coming off a disastrous 2013 that saw the Redskins limp to a 3-13 finish, there was some hope for improvement coming into this season. Don’t worry, it didn’t last long.

In typical Washington Football Team fashion, there were questionable offseason signings, a quarterback controversy and PR issues off the field. Don’t forget a new head coach in Jay Gruden, offensive coordinator Sean McVay and special teams coach Ben Kotwica. Unfortunately for us fans, Jim Haslett managed to keep his top job, again. Basically, we were doomed from the start.

The season started off with a loss on the road against the Texans. The next week is when things got really interesting with another injury to Robert Griffin III and the return of Kirk Cousins. Like most fans, I immediately had flashbacks to the Seattle game. Captain Kirk led us to a 41-10 win over the Jaguars while also kickstarting the eventually QB carousel.

After struggling under center, Cousins was benched at halftime vs. the Titans in favor of Colt McCoy, the 873rd starting QB in franchise history. Just when things looked to be at rock bottom, McCoy makes the biggest start of his career the following week against the heavily favored Cowboys on Monday night. And what a Monday night it turned out to be!

Somehow, all the stars aligned and the Redskins played well enough to win in overtime 20-17 (which I correctly predicted); it was an instant classic. Before we even had a chance to soak it all in, the Redskins did what they always seem to do and stirred up some more drama by starting RGIII in Minnesota and bringing things full circle with another loss in Week 9. Awesome!

Now that we’re all caught up, let’s point some fingers at those who have showed up and showed out and those who have, um … sucked. Some of these rankings are based on stats and some are based on gut feelings while watching the games. We’ll just skip over the parts about Daily Show segments, South Park episodes, Ben Shelly, bus crashes, trademarks, name-change debates and the resulting protests. That stuff is pretty boring anyways, right? Right. Continue reading

Redskins-Vikings Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games, this time a 29-26 loss at Minnesota.

Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 7.52.11 PM


DeSean Jackson — Made his eighth and ninth catches this year of 40-plus yards; no one else in the NFL has more than five. Pretty remarkable, given the offense he’s in and who has thrown to him.

Alfred Morris — Things really open up for him when RGIII is there (19 for 82 and two touchdowns). The James Brown-esque coat routine after his first TD was a nice touch.

Trent Murphy — Got his first career sack, giving him 1.0 on the season. Or, .5 more than Brian Orakpo.

David Amerson – Appeared to make a really nice INT in the first half. It was ruled incomplete, though, because Jay Gruden has proven incapable of winning challenges.

Bashaud Breeland — Keeps showing up, showing out.

Tress Way — Averaged 45.3 per punt, including one out of his own end zone that was fair caught in Vikings territory.


Jim Haslett — They were so good defensively for most of the first half! Then Minnesota reeled off 29 points in just over 30 minutes. Not sure how or why Haz laid back vs. a middling rookie QB one week after blitzing the hell out of Romo, but it was very Haslett, and very Redskins.

Jay Gruden — I’m not necessarily assigning blame to him or retroactively disagreeing with his decisions, but these are the facts: He lost another challenge (0-6 on the season), went for two when he didn’t have to (and it backfired a bit), had his authority called into question on ESPN and fell to 3-6. That’s a tough day, man.

Shawn Lauvao — Killer holding call to negate the defensive pass interference that would’ve sustained that final drive.

Pierre Garcon — Only 15 yards receiving and failed to reel in RGIII’s on-target (albeit contested) deep ball.

Keenan Robinson — Not sure what he was thinking on that late-and-vicious hit on Bridgewater. Well-deserved flag, there.

Jordan Reed — Forgotten man in today’s game plan, apparently.

Brandon Meriweather — Completely whiffed on somebody in the open field. Can’t remember who.

Logan Paulsen — False start. That is all.

Chris Myers and Ronde Barber — Not a great announcing duo, to say the least.

Just the Redskins, in general — This bit from Steinberg’s Best & Worst sums it up nicely:

Worst pregame: Well, the Redskins got in a bus accident, were hit by a double-dip of negative ESPN stories and were protested by thousands outside the stadium. The Vikings…I dunno. I guess they just went to the game.


Robert Griffin III — Looked terrific in the first quarter. Perfect, really, highlighted by his escape of two defenders before throwing for a big gain (see above) and being accurate with the deep ball while also running effectively. It was like 2012 all over again. Then he was not so terrific, lowlighted by a late-first half pick and an end-game fourth-down incompletion, both of which were inexplicably off-target. He did stay healthy, though, which is the most important thing.