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Redskins-Eagles Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. Today, a 27-24 win over Philly.


DeSean Jackson — Four catches for 126 yards, including two for 50-plus. Even put a little something extra on it for Philly, which he’s now torn up twice since they cut him this year. Now has over 1,000 yards on the season and is averaging an NFL-best 20 yards per catch. Remarkable.

Jay Gruden — There are very few rules here, but one we do have is if you snap a six-game losing streak and put Philly’s playoff hopes on the ropes, then you’re a winner.

Robert Griffin III — Seventy percent completions, 10 yards per attempt and his one turnover was a 40-yard-net INT on third-and-long. Good enough.

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Redskins-Eagles Predictions


Cheers to RunsLikeDeer for perfectly nailing last weeks loss to the Giants. Now he gets to guest post!

Here are our crackerjack staff’s scientific predictions for this week’s game. Make yours down in the comments. Whoever comes closest becomes a published author on this here weblog.

Matt Terl: Eagles, 38-12

I would not be surprised if I forget the game is on Saturday and miss it entirely.

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Redskins-Eagles Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. This time a 37-34 loss at Philly.


Kirk Cousins — Rex Grossman-esque crunch-time INT aside, he was terrific, and it makes me rethink last week’s “How Good Is Kirk Cousins?” poll. My vote was for New York Mark Sanchez, you see, and most of you voted for Poor Man’s Andy Dalton or Young Matt Hasselbeck. But now I’m thinking, Normal-Sized Nick Foles.

Pierre Garcon — Had a huge day, including two fantastic catches along the sideline (see above). With apologies to Santana Moss, he’s my favorite receiver since Art Monk.

DeSean Jackson — Caught an 81-yard TD pass and taunted his skinny little ass off. Of course he did. I’m not ready to love him yet.

Niles Paul — He’s a pass-catcher all of the sudden! (Six for 68.)

Bashaud Breeland — That strip on Darren Sproles was crucial.

Darrel Young — Three TDs in three games for the fullback vulture.

Tress Way — Three punts at 56.7 yards per. None blocked!


Ben Kotwica — It’s hard enough to root for the Redskins when they’re not doing things like giving up a kickoff return for a TD and doinking a 33-yard field goal. AND THEY DO THIS SHIT LIKE EVERY WEEK.

Kai Forbath — Aforementioned 33-yard doink.

Jim Haslett — We won’t have to hear any more about the Skins having “the No. 1 defense in the NFL.” Also, the Eagles were missing like four-fifths of their offensive line.

Perry Riley — Looked lost on both of Jordan Matthews’ TD catches.

Trent Murphy — Got his name called! For roughing the passer.

E.J. Biggers — Sure did earn that deep PI call.

Ryan Grant — Dropped what would’ve been a first down on third-and-long. It was his only target.

Bruce Allen — I don’t know why he’s involved in challenges, but that was one of the more asinine challenges.


Jay Gruden — The good news is this doesn’t appear to be a bad team, and they’ve put 85 points on the board in the past two weeks. The bad news is they’re 1-2, he lost his first division game and that was as idiotic a challenge as you’re going to see. Nice lipper, though.

Chris Baker — I didn’t have a problem with the block he put on Foles, but I don’t know, maybe that’s just because I’m a Skins fan.

Alfred Morris — Didn’t have much room to rumble and coughed one up, but I can’t label FroMo a loser.

DeAngelo Hall — Forced a fumble and didn’t get called for any foolishness. May have torn his Achilles’.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman — I’m not fond of the A-Team, but they’re so much better than the alternative.

Redskins-Eagles Predictions

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 8.38.26 AM

Congrats to SiPhi and Donk Donkerson for correctly picking that the Redskins would do the Jaguars like that. Can’t say I saw it coming. Now they each get to make a guest post!

Moving on, here are our crackerjack staff’s completely scientific predictions for Sunday. Make yours down in the comments. Whichever reader is closest to the actual outcome gets to be a published author on this here weblog.

Chris Mottram: Redskins, 27-24

I don’t know why I’m doing this, other than Nick Foles has looked not good, I’m overly excited about the Skins front seven right now, and Jay Gruden has the quarterback he always wanted to run his offense.

(Also, if anyone sees someone wearing a “KC1″ shirt, you’re legally obligated to punch them in the face.)

Andy Peden: Eagles, 27-17

Cousins now has a career 57.6 completion percentage with 10 TD and 10 INT. I think that probably equates to a shitty day against a real team.

Matt Terl: Eagles, 31-17

Cousins throws at least one severely damaging interception, but his fans are undeterred and launch a petition to have the waiting period waived for his enshrinement in Canton.

JP Finlay: Eagles, 30-21

Eagles are pretty good, and still haven’t fully clicked. The aqua-blue haze from the Jaguars game is hard to see out of, but the Skins front wont get to Foles like they did Henne. Cousins throws a big pick (like Terl said), Skins lose but look decent.

Jack Kogod: Eagles, 27-20

I’ll take Philly and the under.

Jamie Mottram: Redskins, 27-24

No one runs the Dalton Coast offense better than living legend Kirk Cousins. (Or, you know, Andy Dalton.)

Todd Davis: Eagles, 28-13

Nothing to see here and the Cousins/Dalton nonsense crashes immediately. And I second punching KC1 wearers.

Composite prediction: Eagles, 27-20

DeSean Jackson Is A Washington Redskin Now


Well, that happened fast. The Redskins signed DeSean Jackson last night to what’s being reported as a three-year, $24 million deal, $16 million guaranteed.

Reasons why I like it:

*He is a very good player who is still just 27 years old.
*He gets to play and break off big plays vs. Philly twice/year.
*He gives the Skins their best receiving corps since the Posse.
*This is an exceedingly small contract for this caliber of player.*

Reasons why I do not:

*Philly must’ve gotten rid of him for a reason.
*This kind of signing reeks of Offseason Champs-iness.
*Dan Snyder is probably drowning in Crown Royal right now.

But what do you think?

*Two years ago, the Redskins gave Pierre Garcon five years and $20.5 million guaranteed, and the Eagles gave Jackson himself five years and $20 million guaranteed.

The Redskins And DeSean Jackson

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 10.15.29 PM

Maybe because of some sort of gang affiliation and probably because of shit we don’t know about yet, DeSean Jackson is no longer with the Eagles. So let’s talk about what that means for the Redskins.

First, unless the Cowboys or Giants grab him, it means they won’t face him twice a year. That’s a good thing, because here’s what Jackson did in 11 games vs. Washington, dating back to 2008:

*32 receptions for 572 yards and five TD’s
*11 punt returns for 173 yards and one TD
*Six rushes for 96 yards and one TD

That’s seven touchdowns in 11 games, and all seven were big plays, 25 yards or more. Hell, they averaged 57 yards. That’s a lot of yards.

The Redskins went 4-7 in those 11 games, and 1-5 in the six games Jackson scored. I’m not sure what the correlation is between those numbers, but it doesn’t reflect poorly on him.

And maybe that’s why the Redskins are bringing Jackson in to talk. There’s smoke coming from Buffalo, Oakland and others, but you’ve got to think this is a buy-low situation too.

If the Skins can get him cheap to pair with Pierre Garcon and face Philly twice yearly, that’s an interesting proposition. Of course the other side is that he’s a “cancer,” which I put in scarequotes because we may just be making that up.

But I’m curious what you think. Take the poll, let us know.

Redskins-Eagles II Winners & Losers

Handing out labels following Skins games. This time a 24-16 loss at Philly. Note: Thanks to Fox cutting to a “a more competitive game” I only saw a) the Eagles going up 24-0 and b) the Redskins’ final, futile drive. Fun!


Alfred Morris — Did his damage in the first half. Finished with 93 yards. Very FroMo.

Brian Orakpo — Got a sack and a half. Seems worth mentioning.

Darrell Young — Didn’t see it happen so I have no idea how DY was able to score a 62-yard TD.

Aldrick Robinson — Scored a 41-yard TD of his own. At least I can imagine this one.


Mike Shanahan — Swept by Philly. Alone in last place in the NFC East, at the moment. Maybe cool it on the extension talk this week?

Kyle Shanahan — Shutout in the first half. Again. Great line by deepvalue from the Open Thread: “Skins offense can stack up with anyone as long as they are facing a prevent defense.”

Jim Haslett — Gave up 24 points in the two-plus quarters I saw.

Robert Griffin III — Completed 48.6 percent of his passes. Heaved that godawful INT to end the game. Out come the wolves.

Roy Helu — Whiffed on Connor Barwin, who then nailed RGIII for a fumble-sack. Also fumbled on third-and-forever.

Nick Williams — His first career punt return should’ve been fielded at the 10; it was downed at the 2. He let another one go later; it rolled into a 70-yarder and was downed at the 4. Holy shit.

Sav Rocca — Six punts, 37.2 yards per. How ’bout them Redskins?

Trent Williams — Beat by Trent Cole for a sack or two.

Tyler Polumbus — Does not strike me as an NFL-caliber right tackle.

David Amerson — Outmatched one-on-one with Riley Cooper.

Whoever cleans the team bus — Because it got egged.

LeSean McCoyJust let the guy wave his flag.

Sunday Ticket subscribers— I pay for this.


Santana Moss — Made a 28-yard catch on 3rd-and-25, so there’s that.

The refs — Who knows what Trent Williams is ranting about here.