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DMV: Nats And O’s Have Similar Shots At Not Making The Playoffs

Tanner Roark, trio of homerers lead Nats to a Mets sweep. 5.5 back. [NI]

Jim Johnson blows it as O’s drop another to Yanks. 2.5 back. [Melewski]

Nats have a 2.7% shot at the playoffs. O’s 4.4%. [Baseball Prospectus]

There was testiness after Werth got drilled by Francisco. [Nat Journal]

Just another amazing play on a slow-roller by Manny Machado. [FTW]

Nick Markakis’ new baby weighs “7 pounds, 16 oz.” Or 8 pounds. [BSR]

Haslett is understandably testy about his D shitting the bed. [The Insider]

DeAngelo fined $20k for that out-of-bound horse-collar. [The Insider]

Pics of famous people wearing Redskins gear. [Redskins Republic]

The Post’s editorial board is coming out against “Redskins” now. [WaPo]

Adam Oates visited Ovechkin in Russia this summer. Cool. [Mike Wise]

Brooks Laich got (mildly) hurt in the first Caps practice. [Caps Insider]

Gilbert Arenas made a Nick Young-John McCain shirt once. [FTW]

Coach K says Duke won’t schedule Maryland anymore. Bummer. [Bog]

DMV: O’s Undone By Long Ball

Gausman can’t keep ball in park as O’s blow late lead to Yanks. [CSNB]

Maybe Buck should’ve made a move rather than let Gaus keep going. [BS]

Good wrap-up of the machinations involved in AL Wild Card race. [ESPN]

Nats are a long-shot, but team isn’t giving up quite yet. [Nats Insider]

Despite what standings say, Nats still looking to move playoff tix. [NE]

RGIII says no, but others say that Griffin was rusty in MNF opener. [Bog]

If you thought Perry Riley played a lot Monday, it’s because he did. [RR]

Skins loss to the Eagles as told by GIFs from The Sopranos. [Hogs Haven]

Ryan Kerrigan passes concussion tests, should be good for GB. [WP]

Always got a soft spot for Bram Weeeeinnnssssstttteeeeinnnn. [Bog]

Today is an important day. Give your family a hug. Never forget.

DMV: The O’s ‘Hakuna Machado’ Song Is Pure Joy

This Lion King-inspired Manny Machado song is delightful f’real. [FTW]

O’s beat White Sox behind Miguel Gonzalez. Three back. [Camden Chat]

There’s a dude in a Woodrow Wilson costume outside Nats Park. [Bog]

An in-depth look at Jayson Werth’s second-half resurgence. [WaPo]

London Fletcher now stands alone as NFL’s active Iron Man. [The Insider]

The NFL deemed FedEx to be playable, so it must be so. [The Insider]

Love this AP photo of Chris Thompson, punt returner. [The Insider]

Why Your Team Sucks 2013: Washington Redskins edition. [Deadspin]

Ranking the Caps’ top 20 prospects. [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

Watch Ovechkin shatter a light during a commercial shoot. [RMNB]

Terps football schedule is pretty much set through ’19. [Terps Insider]

Some mockups of some Terps athletic faciliezzzz [Terps Insider]

JMU gets a shot at an FBS team (Akron) tomorrow. [JMU Sports Blog]

DMV: The New Chris Davis Ice Cream Appears Crush-Worthy

O’s win 7-2 at Cleveland behind Bud Norris. Now two back. [Steve Melewski]

The O’s GIFs of the Week continue to be awesome. [Camden Chat]

Chris Davis has an ice cream now. It’s called Crunch Davis. [The Sun]

Tyler Clippard blew it, Nats lost 3-2 in Philly. Now 7.5 back. [Nats Insider]

Bryce is getting treatment on his hip, which is news to Davey. [Nats Journal]

Mike Shanahan confirmed that RGIII is starting in Week 1. [The Insider]

Three theories about why the Redskins kept Pat White. [Hogs Haven]

Skins modify Cofield’s deal to save $2.4m in cap space. [The Insider]

The costumes from the Redskins players’ island party are amazing. [Bog]

Kansas St. is trying to steal JMU’s “Start Wearing Purple” thunder. [JMUSB]

This is what JMU’s new basketball court will look like. Okay. [JMUSB]

That Guy who worked at the 9:30 Club has died. [Washington City Paper]

DMV: Jim Johnson Keeps Blowing

Jim Johnson kicks a bat rack after blowing save in Arizona

O’s lose third straight game in walk-off fashion in Arizona after Jim Johnson blows his second straight save, fall 2.5 back in Wild Card. [Camden Chat]

Johnson blew three saves in 2012. In 2013 he’s blown nine. [Sweet Spot]

Nats win fifth straight game, remain 8.5 back in Wild Card. [Nats Insider]

Denard Span made a game-saving catch to finish it off. [Nats Insider]

Desmond crushed 448-foot HR, longest in Nats Park in ’13. [Nats Enquirer]

Nats’ Gulf Coast team is 41-6, on 17-game win streak. [Nats Journal]

Clinton Portis is leading a suit against the NFL for head injuries. [TWT]

Here’s the story of RGIII rehabbing in a local man’s swimming pool. [Bog]

What Al Harrington brings to the Wiz: He’s a 4 that can shoot 3s. [BF]

Gilbert Arenas will be the third-highest paid NBA player this year. [TAI]

JMU football is ranked 19th in the FCS this preseason. [JMU Sports Blog]

100 reasons Baltimore > D.C., according to Baltimorons. [DCist]

(Jim Johnson GIF taken with love from Baltimore Sports Report.)

DMV: Chris Davis Sweats Where He Wants

Chris Davis can sweat wherever he wants to, and more Orioles GIFs. [CC]

Orioles can’t lose in Texas, sweep Rangers, Tillman gets 12th W. [BS]

Nats don’t need to trade for pitcher, need current players to step up. [Boz]

Speaking of new starters, Ross Ohlendorf gave a good effort. [Nats Insider]

Jayson Werth is not interested in any ‘doom and gloom’ questions. [NE]

It’s possible Richard Justice thinks the Nats need a new skipper. [Bog]

RGIII meets with Dr. Andrews on Wednesday, here are 4 scenarios. [RR]

Check out new all-football all-the-time MMQB site from Peter King. [MMQB]

PK says RGIII starts taking snaps on 8/15, starts MNF opener. [MMQB]

Terps recruit Melo Trimble appears to be really good at scoring. [CSNB]

Most misleading headline ever features topless Brewers fan. [Deadspin]

Phil Mickelson had one of the all-time best closing rounds in a major. [FTW]

DMV: O’s Call Up One Cuban Slugger And Sign Another

O’s bring 26-year-old Cuban outfielder Henry Urrieta to the bigs after he hit .365/.427/.531 in AA and AAA. He figures to get time at DH. [O’s Insider]

O’s sign 24-year-old Cuban OF Dariel Alvarez for $800k. []

Everything you need to know about Dariel Alvarez. [Prospect Pipeline]

Chris Davis, the AL East horse race among five MLB things to watch. [FTW]

Plans for a new Nats spring training facility have hit a snag. [Nats Journal]

Read an excellent excerpt from Dave Sheinin’s new RGIII book. [WaPo]

DMV: Bryce Harper Vs. Chris Davis For All The Home Runs

Home Run Derby offers Chris Davis a chance at national spotlight. [FTW]

Every O’s All-Star came to Baltimore through Andy MacPhail. [BS]

Orioles GIFs of the Week, including an All-Star wet willy. [Camden Chat]

Good: Bryce Harper usually makes the most of his big moments. [NI]

Bad: Ian Desmond calls out Harper for a selfish ejection on Saturday. [NE]

Cool pic of Pierre Garcon hanging with Nats before a game in Miami. [HH]

47-46 48-47 at the break, Nats in contention but something’s a little off. [Boz]

John Wall is off the hook, this is the worst first pitch in a long time. [DS]

Not sure why he’s there, but Otto Porter has struggled at the 2. [CSNW]

Caps and MoJo in contract negotiations, but how much is he worth? [JR]

JaVale McGee still has pogo stick legs for a 7-footer. Watch. [FTW]

Machado’s Latest Best Play Ever

Manny Machado made that play right there, and it’s the latest greatest of his young career. Considering he turned 21 yesterday, he was probably hungover when he did it too.

Somehow, the play was only the second most incredible thing an Oriole did in New York today, because Adam Jones hit a two-run, ninth-inning homer off of Mo Rivera to beat the Yanks 2-1. Double-plus incredible.

Back to Manny, though: This was his 10th “Web Gem” of the season, which leads MLB. It’s just another excuse to add to this ongoing Manny Machado GIF set, which may become the world’s longest web page someday.

Update: Deadspin has an awesome GIF of Manny and Brooks Robinson basically making this same play.