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Camden Yards Food Porn

The Orioles Twitter account made my timeline a little filthier this afternoon, introducing new foodstuffs for 2014 at Camden Yards. Here they are ranked in order of how badly I want to eat them.

Of course, I’d also have to get Boog’s too, so this would be quite a day at the Park.

DMV: Johan Santana Is On The Orioles Now

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 2.03.57 PM

O’s sign rehabbing Johan Santana to minor league deal. [O's Insider]

Good for the O’s. Why not take a flyer on Johan? [Sweet Spot]

Nats sign LHRP Michael Gonzalez to minor league deal. [Nats Insider]

A quick look at the payroll challenge facing Rizzo. [Nats Journal]

Hey, Otto Porter actually did something. Anything. [Bog]

Evgeny Kuznetsov and wife will live with Ovechkin. [Caps Insider]

“So how do we feel about ‘Redskins Nation’?” Not great! [Bog]

Why The O’s Traded Their 50-Save Closer For A Replacement-Level Second Baseman

Baltimore pulled a bit of a head-scratcher, sending Jim Johnson to Oakland for Jemile Weeks and a player to be named. As we did with Washington’s Doug Fister deal, let’s turn to Fangraphs to make sense of it:

t’s easy to explain from the Orioles’ perspective. Weeks, probably, won’t turn into anything for them, given his statistical decline and increasing age. And Johnson, for years, has been a pretty good late-inning reliever. But the Orioles aren’t a team that can afford to spend $11 million on a closer, not when there are other holes around the roster of a potential contender. This is a salary dump for the purpose of gaining flexibility, and while the Orioles are said to be looking for a closer replacement, that guy shouldn’t cost as much as Johnson will. There’ll be other money to put in other places. The Orioles will spread that $11 million around, in the hopes of being the better team for it. It’s that simple.

It’s not sexy, but I suppose it is that simple. So long, Jim Johnson. you did (mostly) good.

Up next for the O’s closer spot? Maybe big boy/flamethrower Tommy Hunter. Or fringe starter Bud Norris. Or maybe somebody else altogether. What’s Gregg Olson doing these days?

As for Weeks, I don’t know. He’ll be 27 this year and has a .258/.319/.367 line in 957 Major League plate appearances. He does play second base, though, which is bad news for Brian Roberts. And now I’m kinda bummed.

DMV: Adam Jones Is A Really Observant And Funny Caps Fan

Two power play goals for Ovi while Caps beat the tar of the Isles. [RMNB]

Tom Wilson gets first career goal, followed by shaving cream pie. [CSNW]

Watch the Caps 6-2 beat down of the Islanders in pictures. [Japers Rink]

Darrell Green says the Skins need to re-sign DeAngelo Hall. He’s right. [WP]

Lot of hazing talk lately, but for Skins, it’s been mostly fun. [Bog]

Forbath wants to move on from two blocked kicks vs. San Diego. [WP]

Balanced run/pass game delivers win for Redskins against Chargers. [WT]

Q&A with the director of Bernie & Ernie, which was pretty good. [BF]

Crush Davis a finalist for AL MVP w Mike Trout, Miggy Cabrera. [Balt. Sun]

Nats might be in the mix for David Price and/or Max Scherzer. [CSNW]

Terps hoops gets ready for Friday opener with one goal in place. [WP]

Watch this lady lose her wig on Price is Right. Just watch it. [FTW]

DMV: So Long October Baseball

One day after the Nats are cashed, Orioles officially out of playoffs. [CSNB]

Kinda good news for Machado: Injury should last 6-8 weeks. [Camden Chat]

Nats about as close as possible to being no-hit, break it up in 9th. [NI]

Pictures of sad Nats on the night they drove ol’ Davey down. [Nats Enquirer]

Davey made for good talk radio this AM, called Feinstein an “idiot.” [Bog]

Skins are 0-3 but still confident they can turn things around. [CSNW]

Terrelle Pryor doesnt remember much from Denver, feels great now. [FTW]

NESN announcer uses grammar joke to make fun of the Capitals. [Bog]

Midnight Madness back to Cole, Turg wants games there too. [WP]

That Guy Who Looks Like My Brother Broke Brady’s HR Record

It was a bomb, too, easily clearing the 420 sign in center. Watch it here.

Oh yeah and the O’s won 3-2. Two back in the Wild Card with 12 to play.

Previously: Chris Davis totally looks like my brother.

DMV: Nats And O’s Have Similar Shots At Not Making The Playoffs

Tanner Roark, trio of homerers lead Nats to a Mets sweep. 5.5 back. [NI]

Jim Johnson blows it as O’s drop another to Yanks. 2.5 back. [Melewski]

Nats have a 2.7% shot at the playoffs. O’s 4.4%. [Baseball Prospectus]

There was testiness after Werth got drilled by Francisco. [Nat Journal]

Just another amazing play on a slow-roller by Manny Machado. [FTW]

Nick Markakis’ new baby weighs “7 pounds, 16 oz.” Or 8 pounds. [BSR]

Haslett is understandably testy about his D shitting the bed. [The Insider]

DeAngelo fined $20k for that out-of-bound horse-collar. [The Insider]

Pics of famous people wearing Redskins gear. [Redskins Republic]

The Post’s editorial board is coming out against “Redskins” now. [WaPo]

Adam Oates visited Ovechkin in Russia this summer. Cool. [Mike Wise]

Brooks Laich got (mildly) hurt in the first Caps practice. [Caps Insider]

Gilbert Arenas made a Nick Young-John McCain shirt once. [FTW]

Coach K says Duke won’t schedule Maryland anymore. Bummer. [Bog]

DMV: O’s Undone By Long Ball

Gausman can’t keep ball in park as O’s blow late lead to Yanks. [CSNB]

Maybe Buck should’ve made a move rather than let Gaus keep going. [BS]

Good wrap-up of the machinations involved in AL Wild Card race. [ESPN]

Nats are a long-shot, but team isn’t giving up quite yet. [Nats Insider]

Despite what standings say, Nats still looking to move playoff tix. [NE]

RGIII says no, but others say that Griffin was rusty in MNF opener. [Bog]

If you thought Perry Riley played a lot Monday, it’s because he did. [RR]

Skins loss to the Eagles as told by GIFs from The Sopranos. [Hogs Haven]

Ryan Kerrigan passes concussion tests, should be good for GB. [WP]

Always got a soft spot for Bram Weeeeinnnssssstttteeeeinnnn. [Bog]

Today is an important day. Give your family a hug. Never forget.