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DeSean Jackson Just Doesn’t ‘Get It’

Sporting News’ Ross Tucker wrote this HOT TAKE on DeSean Jacskon today. So let’s do what we do in these instances, and FJM this thing. Tucker’s words in bold, my responses in italics.

I don’t know anything about DeSean Jackson and his “ties” to gang members and frankly I don’t really care because in my mind, that isn’t really the issue anyway.

I don’t know anything about DeSean Jackson. But here is my 500 word opinion on DeSean Jackson.

His problem is one of decision-making and professionalism.

I can’t wait for you to enlighten us with the horrible decisions this extremely successful millionaire has made!

This isn’t one of those columns about how he needs to distance himself from some of the nefarious characters he grew up with or apparently still chooses to associate with. That can’t be easy and I know that I would have a tough time just completely shutting off any of the friends I grew up with. For all I care, Jackson can hang out with them all day every day.

Ross Tucker can totally empathize with DeSean Jackson’s upbringing.

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DMV: D.C.’s Schizophrenic Sports Columnist

Jason Reid now agrees with the 85% who disagree with him. [FTW]

London Fletcher on RGIII, Darrell Green and leadership. [John Keim]

I don’t agree w/ Shanny here, but what do you want him to say? [Keim]

Who wants this Redskins-themed ambulance for $38,000? [Bog]

John Wall has not been good for the Wiz so far this season. [TAI]

If the answer is Vesely, I don’t want to know the question. [Wiz Insider]

Another reminder that John Carlson is playing great hockey. [NBC]

In-depth look at how bad Bryce Harper is vs. lefties. [Nats Journal]

The Nats 2014 payroll stands at about $120 million. [Nats Insider]

Should The Skins Extend Shanny? (POLL)

I didn’t realize anyone was considering extending Mike Shanahan’s five-year, $35 million contract beyond next season, when it’s set to expire. If anything, I thought the logic went one of two ways: a) fire him now/after this season or b) let him coach out the deal/see how 2014 goes.

But today is Mike Shanahan Extension Day, apparently, kicked off by Jason Reid calling for him to be extended and continued by Shanny himself fielding extension questions. Reid’s thinking is as follows:

The Redskins could have $20 million in salary cap room for the 2014 season. Assuming Shanahan is brought back, he’ll determine how the money is spent. And since Shanahan’s decisions will set the Redskins’ course for years, he should receive a contract extension to complete the journey with them.

Given Shanny’s record with the Skins (24-33) and this season’s raging dumpster fire, I don’t see why Dan Snyder would extend him now. Then again, Snyder did bankroll Shanny’s decision to extend a broken-down Donovan McNabb three years ago.

So what do you think? Would love to gauge public opinion on this one as of right now, before circumstances inevitably change.

Deion Sanders Is Not Impressed By RGIII’s Pregame Speechifying

I’m a big fan of London Fletcher’s hype work. RGIII’s, though? As evidenced by yesterday’s pregame speech, he may need to practice in the mirror. Here’s what Deion Sanders had to say during the NFL Network’s Redskins-Bears segment (via Chris):

Deion: “That sounded like that was off a teleprompter.”

Chris Rose: “What’s the matter with reading something off a teleprompter?”

Deion: “Not when you’re speaking to your team. (Imitating RGIII’s voice) ‘We’re going to get our breakthrough.’”

In a related story, a Google search for “Deion Sanders pregame speech” yields … nothing of substance.

Later on they showed Devin Hester’s punt return TD, over which Marshall Faulk said, “Fire the punter,” not once but twice. Would that be the same punter who boomed the ball and pinned Hester to the sideline, right where Niles Paul was waiting (but failed) to tackle him? Maybe Faulk was just reading off a teleprompter.

DMV: Rick Reilly Is Pro-’Redskins’

Rick Reilly wrote about Redskins name change. (He’s against it.) [ESPN]

And then Reilly’s column got absolutely eviscerated. [KSK, Dave Zirin]

Peter Berg said Theismann said the Hogs used to smoke at halftime. [Bog]

The Skins’ 0-2 start isn’t that bad. 0-3 is, though. [Staying Medium]

Jordan Reed got more snaps than Fred Davis in Week 2. [Real Redskins]

Brandon Meriweather fined $42k for his hit on Eddie Lacy. [The Insider]

O’s win in 12 on Crush Davis two-out single. One back. [Camden Chat]

Nats lose to Braves. Cincy wins in 13. 5.5 back. 10 to play. [Nats Insider]

Kilgore subtly takes Olbmermann behind the woodshed. [Nats Journal]

Strasburg scratched again due to lingering forearm issues. [Nats Insider]

The Caps played in Baltimore and someone threw a crab on the ice. [Bog]

Diggs has the best odds of any WR to win the Heisman. [Testudo Times]

Terps to wear new red Maryland Pride uniforms Saturday. [Terps Insider]

Caps’ SI Cover That Never Was

Alex Ovechkin was slated to be this week’s SI cover boy, which would’ve been awesome, considering the Caps have *never* graced the cover of SI before. Sarah Kwak’s story will still be in this week’s issue, though, so there’s that.

Update: Ted Starkey tweeted to correct me on this, sort of.

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DMV: Rob Gronkowski Should Always Host SportsCenter

Gronk read teleprompter: “Robert Griffin’s third recovery.” [USAT Sports]

Good story about the Nats’ two-man analytics department. [Nats Journal]

Five questions for the O’s heading into Opening Day. [B'more Sports Report]

SI is projecting 82 wins for the O’s. Here’s their Birds preview. []

Wiz overmatched at OKC as Wall struggles to follow 47-point game. [WaPo]

Good stuff on how John Wall worked on his sorry jumper. [Wiz Insider]

Kevin Seraphin fancies himself a comedian of sorts. [DC Sports Nexus]

Ovi played street hockey with randoms outside the Phone Booth. [RMNB]

Verizon Center hosts the Big Dance and — surprise! — it’s bland. [WaPo]

Maryland gets future B1G foe Iowa in the NIT Final Four. [Testudo Times]

Mr. Irrelevant was kindly profiled by another local blogs. [inReads]

D.C.’s Finest Redskins Reporter Is About To Hit The Open Market

The Washington Examiner is ceasing to exist in its current form, which is a bummer, but the only way it affects me personally is it means John Keim will be out of a job, however temporarily. Keim, you see, is probably the best Redskins reporter going, and someone (the Post? CSN? 980?) should scoop him up immediately.

Don’t just take my word for it, though — read the series of tweets Keim published to share and react to the news. The man speaks for himself.

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Mike Wise And Redskins Reporter Rich Tandler Get Pissy On Twitter

This is about as juicy a D.C. media Twitter beef as you’ll ever have tweetside seats to. For context, what Comcast SportsNet Redskins reporter Rich Tandler is referring to is Mike Wise’s Redskins column in today’s Washington Post. I didn’t find it overly offensive, but whatever: TWITTER BEEF!

* You’ll see that we instigated a bit, but some things are too sweet to not RT.

Tandler’s Initial Shots Fired

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The Definitive Washington Post Sports Columnist Power Rankings

Kevin Reiss, who is a guy I follow on Twitter, asked something interesting the other day:

How did Mike Wise come to be the best, sorry, least worst, sports columnist at WaPo?

He then went on to rank the Washington Post Sports columnists from “least worst” to worst. It was an exercise that was relevant to my interests.

So I set out to get a larger group’s collective opinion, first asking our Mr. Irrelevant staff for their rankings and then throwing it out on Twitter and Facebook too. Some notes about that:

– We included the Post’s five full-time columnists but not contractor or syndicated columnists.

– We didn’t include the Post’s other sports reporters, because if they’re not going to label them as columnists then we aren’t either.

– The Mr. Irrelevant staff includes me, Chris Mottram, JP Finlay, Matt Terl, Jack Kogod, Rob Abbott, Todd Davis, Brad Parker and Andy Peden. We are all 20-to-40-something white males.

– We had 40-50 respondents on Twitter and Facebook. I have no idea who most of those people are, let alone how old they are or what they look like.

With that out of the way, here’s what I got back … Continue reading