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Terps Win, Finally

They’re not going to make the Tournament, but storming the court in the final ACC home game sure is nice.

Nick Young And Alex Len Got Into A Fight

Two of our old friends, ex-Wizard/human meme Nick Young and ex-Terp/Ukrainian machine Alex Len, mixed it up last night. Len leveled NY on a dunk attempt, you see, and then NY lost his damn mind.


Click through for more video and GIFs, but know that Nick is actually averaging 20.9 points/game, which is what happens when you’re a volume shooter on the Kobe-less Lakers. Alex is averaging 1.6, which is what happens when you should still be back in College Park, really.

DMV: Skins Interested In Terps’ Former Head Coach In Waiting

The Skins have reportedly requested an interview with Vanderbilt HC/rising star James Franklin, who also interviewed with the Texans. [Keim, Insider]

Update: Franklin is expected to interview for the job this week.

Rich Bisaccia, who the Skins interviewed, isn’t really HC material. [Keim]

Redskins interviewed Jim Caldwell yesterday, Perry Fewell today. [Keim]

Mike Zimmer, Jay Gruden, Hue Jackson now available to talk. [Insider]

Advocating for the Skins to interview Panthers OC Mike Shula. [PFT]

Three things learned from Maryland’s win over GA Tech. [Testudo]

After a rough start, Seth Allen makes Terps a different team. [Wise]

A quick look at the Capitals’ reconfigured top two lines. [Caps Insider]

Caps put Grabovski in a “Grabovsky” jersey yet again. [Puck Daddy]

Wiz drop third straight, lose by 16 at home to Warriors. [Bullets Forever]

DMV: Focus On Sasha Obama’s Unicorn Sweater Until The Pain Goes Away

The Terps lost on their home court to Oregon State. [Testudo Times]

The first family was there to watch Michelle’s brother-in-law. [Bog]

Hey, at least Maryland football’s going to a bowl this year. [Testudo]

Len Bias would’ve turned 50 years old today. RIP. [@si_vault]

Ten things from that super Redskins-Eagles game. [John Keim]

Bowen, Hankerson and Biggers all may have knee injuries. [Insider]

Trent Williams says a ref talked shit to him. Weird all around. [Insider]

Josh Morgan told to ride the bench and shut the hell up. [Insider]

The 12 types of people who comment on RGIII’s Facebook page. [FTW]

Holty made 46 saves to beat St. Louis, take the division lead. [RMNB]

Ovi scored two more goals, tied for the NHL lead at 17. [Caps Insider]

Brad Beal and Jarrett Jack beefed after the game Saturday. [Wiz Insider]

DMV: Maryland And Under Armour Raise The Uniform Bar Yet Again

Maryland’s new pride unis are awesome. (Helmet flag ripples!) [Terps Insider]

Nats beat Miami on Bryce’s 20th HR. Clinch winning season. 5 back. [NI]

Roark and Jordan give Nats starting pitching depth in 2014. [Nats Journal]

O’s, no-hit through six, lose to Boston. Two back. [USA TODAY Sports]

Skins very nearly gave up the most yards ever through two weeks. [Insider]

Good video: Ryan Kerrigan as an undercover Modell’s employee. [Bog]

In-depth look at how the Skins are using Jordan Reed. [Staying Medium]

Redskins ranked as the third-worst NFL team to root for. [For The Win]

Andy Reid won in Philly to set the Eagles back to 1-2. [USA TODAY Sports]

Photos: Olaf Kolzig playing D in a goalie mask at Caps practice. [RMNB]

DMV: Stefon Diggs Threw A Cutter

Standout MD wideout Stefon Diggs’ first pitch was nasty. [Terps Insider]

O’s pick up two of three from Rockies, are 3 back in the Wild Card. [CC]

Brian Roberts is contributing in a playoff race. Awesome. [O's Insider]

Ladies and gent, it’s the O’s! GIFs! Of! The! Week! [Camden Chat]

Nats lose two out of three in Atlanta to fall even further back. [Nats Insider]

Bryce Harper had a pretty eventful three games in Atlanta. [Nats Journal]

Taylor Jordan had a good year, before getting shutdown. [Nats Journal]

Redskins guard Josh LeRibeus got all fat this offseason. [The Insider]

Programming note: We are doing an Open Thread for Redskins-Steelers tonight, if you’re interested.

Terps Didn’t Really Do Len Dirty

Last week we linked up Grantland’s interview with Alex Len. Now an exchange contained therein is making the rounds. Here it is:

Bill Simmons: “So, like the last month of the season you were playing hurt?”

Alex Len: “Yeah.”

Simmons: “And you knew it? Did you tell anybody?”

Len: “Yeah, I told my trainers, but we treated it like a regular, like, ankle sprain. We did a lot of treatment. Icing, stuff like that, steam. But we decided to do MRI after the season. After the season, we found out I had a problem in there.”

Jalen Rose: “Bill, when you’re in college they don’t want you to get it [the MRI] during the season. It benefits them for you to finish the season.”

Simmons: “I don’t love that idea. The MRI should have happened before.”

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