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DMV: Jan Vesely Missed 15 Straight Free Throws, Including This Airball


Jan Vesely was the sixth pick in the draft, you guys. Sixth! [FTW]

Five thoughts on the Caps’ loss in NY. They’ve lost five straight. [CI]

Nats may be interested in ex-A’s closer Grant Balfour. [Fox Sports]

1988 Donruss Jose Mesa is a stone classic. [O's Card O' the Day]

14 ways to improve the FedEx Field experience. [Hogs Haven]

Just Art Monk and London Fletcher, hanging out. [Redskins Blog]

Nick Young And Alex Len Got Into A Fight

Two of our old friends, ex-Wizard/human meme Nick Young and ex-Terp/Ukrainian machine Alex Len, mixed it up last night. Len leveled NY on a dunk attempt, you see, and then NY lost his damn mind.


Click through for more video and GIFs, but know that Nick is actually averaging 20.9 points/game, which is what happens when you’re a volume shooter on the Kobe-less Lakers. Alex is averaging 1.6, which is what happens when you should still be back in College Park, really.

DMV: Tom Wilson’s Not So Tough

Eight-year-old got to skate with the Caps and KO Tom Wilson. [RMNB]

For a look at Wilson’s true fight skills, see him vs. Toronto. [RMNB]

Caps lost in the shootout to Buffalo, which isn’t good. [Japers' Rink]

Ryan Miller made a ridiculous super-save in the process. [For The Win]

Skins personnel man Morocco Brown is up for the Bucs GM job. [TWT]

Kyle Shanahan interviewed for Dolphins offensive coordinator. [TWT]

49ers reportedly irked by Skins jerking their coaches around. [Insider]

There’s a case to be made for Jan Vesely, starter. [Bullets Forever]

The Phone Booth had a leak in the roof Saturday night. Wiz! [FTW]

Terps get blown out by FSU, are not in a good way. [Testudo Times]

Georgetown beat Butler in its “most thrilling game.” [Casual Hoya]

Maryland’s 2013 football season was a success, barely. [Testudo]

DMV: Touchdown Dog!

Not DMV-related, but Northern Illinois mascot Diesel is universal. [FTW]

The Nats are interested in San Fran lefty RP Javier Lopez. [Nats Journal]

Looking at what David Price or Max Scherzer may cost. [Nats Insider]

Old friend Davey Johnson is letting his freak flag fly these days. [Bog]

Maybe the O’s should deal Wieters and/or Jim Johnson. [Ken Rosenthal]

Redskins rooks are hazed with breakfast sandwiches and Popeyes. [Bog]

RGIII acknowledges that he’s still taking too many hits. [The Insider]

London Fletcher says, “The NFC East is so terrible.” [Pro Football Talk]

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DMV: Andy Reid Should Be The Kool-Aid Man For Halloween

Nothing to do with D.C., but it is the greatest sports GIF ever. [SB Nation]

Brandon Meriweather suspended two games for being the worst. [John Keim]

The Bears didn’t appreciate getting headhunted by Meriweather. [Bog, Bog]

Stephen Bowen tore a knee ligament. He may not miss time. [The Insider]

Sounds like the Skins are trying to move Fred Davis now. [The Insider]

106.7 no longer takes Oneida Nation’s anti-”Redskins” money. [DCist]

Elsewhere, the 980 booth was busy singing “Hail to the Redskins.” [Bog]

Ryan Kerrigan is genuinely funny and good at the social media. [Bog]

Hey, shitty 12-toppings pizzas (via the Redskins and Papa John’s)! [Bog]

Six years later, the Sean Taylor trial is finally starting. [The Early Lead]

Cal Ripken and Dusty Baker are NOT getting the Nats job. [Nats Journal]

Nats 3B coach Trent Jewett is the fourth man to interview. [Nats Journal]

Sounds like Ariza is starting. Should be Martell Webster. [Bullets Forever]

This is an awesome look at the Wizards using fancy stats. [Kevin Broom]

Terps football is wrecked by injury heading into Clemson. [Testudo Times]

DMV: Ovi Got Semin In The Face

Caps kick off five-game homestand with 3-2 loss to Carolina. [Japers']

The best part about Ovi’s last-minute check to his old pal Semin’s face (above) is that Semin actually got two minutes for embellishing. [RMNB]

This Rick Reilly “Redskins” snafu is hilarious + awkward. [For The Win]

Pro-”Redskins” people liked Snyder’s letter. Anti- people didn’t. [Bog, Jenx]

Would you trade Snyder for Jerry Jones? Great question. [The Insider]

Dexter Manley telling old stories is fun, esp. during Dallas Week. [Bog]

RGIII not only bought his HS team’s uniforms, he designed them. [Bog]

Ripken does more radio, still sounds interested in managing. [O's Insider]

Machado to have MCL surgery. Should be good for spring. [Camden Chat]

Juan Dixon didn’t want Roddy Peters to wear his old No. 3. [Testudo]

Maryland plays UVA tomorrow, JMU gets Richmond. [Testudo, JMUSB]

Port City and DC Brau beers are being served at Caps games. [WWN]

DMV: Redskins Play Injury-Free Preseason Football Game!

Notes from the Skins’ 22-21 win at Tennessee. [TWT, Hogs Haven]

Pat White looked like a Redskins Preseason Hall of Famer. [The Insider]

Fred Davis drew an excessive celebration penalty after his TD. [The Insider]

There’s going to be a new RGIII documentary. Here’s the trailer. [Bog]

O’s should consider bringing Mark Reynolds back to B’more. [Camden Depot]

The Nats have a 1.7% chance of nabbing a Wild Card spot. [Nats Journal]

Matt Williams mentioned as a candidate to replace Davey. [Federal Baseball]

(Kirk Cousins-Tom Compton GIF taken with love from DC Sports Nexus.)

Machado’s Latest Best Play Ever

Manny Machado made that play right there, and it’s the latest greatest of his young career. Considering he turned 21 yesterday, he was probably hungover when he did it too.

Somehow, the play was only the second most incredible thing an Oriole did in New York today, because Adam Jones hit a two-run, ninth-inning homer off of Mo Rivera to beat the Yanks 2-1. Double-plus incredible.

Back to Manny, though: This was his 10th “Web Gem” of the season, which leads MLB. It’s just another excuse to add to this ongoing Manny Machado GIF set, which may become the world’s longest web page someday.

Update: Deadspin has an awesome GIF of Manny and Brooks Robinson basically making this same play.