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Bryce Harper Got A New Car

We just bought a new family car, and our primary concern was if it had a third row. Something tells me Bryce Harper did not share that concern.

The team at Shoreline Motoring built this amazing ’69 Camaro for Bryce Harper. It is powered by a supercharged CTS-V stroker LSA engine. The full custom interior includes an integrated iPad mini and paddle shifters. It is built upon a full custom chassis with Wilwood brakes and center locking Forgeline FS3P wheels mounted to the Forgeline Flush-Loc center lock conversion kit.

Ooooh, an integrated iPad mini. Fancy. (via Nats Enquirer)

DMV: Bryce Is Still All Fired Up

It’s pretty clear from watching this day-after interview that Bryce Harper thinks the Nats should’ve retaliated the other night. [CSN Washington]

What you already knew: Bryce didn’t deserve to get plunked. [SB Nation]

Bryce Harper’s new mustache is a dirty little thing. [For The Win]

Braves sweep the Nats to take a 15.5-game lead in the NL East. [WaPo]

Tanner Roark made a successful debut in relief, at least. [Nats Journal]

O’s beat SD on Chris Davis’ 41st HR. 1.5 back in the WC. [Camden Chat]

Trent Williams, Meriweather sit for tonight’s preseason game. [The Insider]

Cooley interviewed Dan Snyder, who drinks “small beers.” [Bog]

Don’t worry, FroMo’s HR swing celebration isn’t going anywhere. [FTW]

John Wall considers himself the best PG in the NBA. [Point Forward]

The story of a guy sharting after getting dunked on by Gil. [Complex]

Nats Have Lost Focus, If They Ever Had It

The biggest problem with last night’s bullshit “brawl” was the Nats clearly have lost focus. Maybe lost focus is putting it mildly, because based on a 54-59 season that has the team 14.5 games back in early August, it’s arguable the team lacked focus from the beginning.

But back to last night.

Harper hit a bomb off Braves starter Julio Teheran, and Harper took a few seconds to enjoy it. Everyone who’s watched baseball for a little while knows what happens next: Harper’s getting hit. This is the rule of the land, like getting boo’d wearing an Eagles jersey in the FedEx parking lots.

Don’t lie to yourself and say Harper didn’t show up Teheran, he did, we all saw it.

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DMV: Bryce Harper Walk-Off HR

Hopefully the Nats hit true rock bottom in the top of the ninth yesterday, after Soriano and Krol blew a 7-4 lead. And then Bryce Harper hit the first walk-off homer of his career in the bottom half. Nats snap six-game skid, stand eight back. [Nats Insider]

Harper was so excited he high-fived a ghost rounding second base. [FTW]

The walk-off aside, Harper hasn’t been any good since April. [Nats Baseball]

Nats’ll be shutting down rookie fifth SP Taylor Jordan soon. [Nats Journal]

FLOTUS was at the Nats game yesterday. Love you, FLOTUS. [Bog]

The Nats have bigger problems than the hitting coach, Bowden. [Bog]

O’s drop third straight out in Kansas City. Stinky. [Steve Melewski]

Notes from Day 1 of Skins training camp. RGIII looked great. [The Insider]

This woman lost her shit after not getting a Redskins autograph. [FTW]

Pierre Garcon: “We have the potential to be the best offense ever.” [USAT]

Columnist predicts 12-win season for the Skins. “Count on it!” [Jason Reid]

Adam Carriker needs 4-5 months to recover from quad surgery. [The Insider]

FroMo says Mazda is refurbishing his ’91 ride that’s already kinda tight. [FTW]

Wall okay in Team USA scrimmage. Had a nasty putback. [Bullets Forever]

DMV: Watch All 24 Bryce Harper Home Run Derby Home Runs

Harper finished second in the HR Derby. Here are his homers. [Nats Enquirer]

Harper’s family and hair made quite an impression at the Derby. [FTW, FTW]

Harper is batting ninth, playing CF in the All-Star Game. [Nats Journal]

Once again, Harper’s special All-Star spikes are really something. [Bog]

Davis popped a blister during the HR Derby. Not cool, HR Derby. [BSR]

Chris Davis has hit 17 homers to center and the opposite field. [BSR]

Tillman probably shouldn’t be in the ASG over Kuroda. So what. [ESPN]

Nats were reportedly interested in Davis once upon a time. [Nats Journal]

Midseason superlatives for your disappointing 2013 Nationals. [Nats Blog]

Manny Machado’s approach to defense: “Catch the ball.” [Getting Blanked]

Report: The Wiz have started extension talks with Wall. [Bullets Forever]

Otto Porter is struggling in Vegas Summer League action so far. [ESPN]

Here’s RGIII on his honeymoon at the Louvre. He wears whatever. [Bog]

Words and pics from Paul McCartney’s concert at Nats Park. [DCist]

Bryce Harper Ran Into The Wall As Tribute To Babe Ruth, Probably

Everyone knows Bryce Harper wears 34 because Mickey Mantle wore 7, right? (Three plus four equals seven, you see.) Well, what people don’t know is that Harper also ran into the wall at Dodger Stadium two months ago because Babe Ruth did the same thing in Washington, D.C. 79 years ago. (Again, probably.)

Deadspin has more for you on this wayback incident, as does For The Win. And please spare me all of your jokes about Harper signing with the Yankees once he’s free to do so. I don’t want to think about it.

Bryce Harper Homered In His First At-Bat Because Of Course He Did

DMV: Get Well ‘Pretty Soon’, Bryce

Bryce Harper is cleared to jog, should be back “pretty soon.” [Nats Journal]

Chad Tracy’s heroics go for naught as Nats lose in extras at Philly. [CSNW]

Did Jayson Werth sabotage the Phanatic’s ATV? [Nats Enquirer]

Here’s what Harper and his brother sound like on helium. [Nats Enquirer]

Jake Arrieta gets the loss as O’s drop opener to Detroit. [Camden Chat]

Chris Davis and Miguel Cabrera homered in same spot. [BSR]

Adam Jones is “trying to break Ripken’s record.” He’s got 200-plus. [BSR]

The new grass at FedEx Field sure does look pretty and green. [Bog]

John Wall had a little cameo in a Kimmel Show Teen Wolf sketch. [Bog]

Long look at why the Wiz should take Anthony Bennett at 3. [Truth About It]

There’s a thin report that Alex Len will go No. 1 overall. [Testudo Times]

“Alex Ovechkin is hockey’s Dan Marino.” Provocative headline. [CBS DC]

The Marching Royal Dukes are working on “Start Wearing Purple.” [JMUSB]

Va. Tech will have colognes and perfumes for some reason. [DCist]

DMV: Bryce Harper Is The New RGIII (Not In A Good Way)

Bryce Harper seeing Dr. Andrews about his still-swollen knee. [Nats Insider]

RGIII says he’ll be ready for training camp. Unbelievably believable. [Keim]

Nats draft a big righthander who throws 100 at No. 68. [Nats Journal]

Advocating to move Ryan Zimmerman over to second. [Sports on Earth]

These are the 12 types of Nats tweeters, apparently. [The Nats Archive]

O’s beat Astros 3-1 to take two of three in Houston. [Camden Chat]

Matt Wieters is struggling but should pick it back up again. [BSR]

O’s draft three high schoolers with first three picks. [Camden Chat]

The O’s and Caps mascots crashed a big fat Greek wedding. [Bog]

Alfred Morris crashed a bachelor party for some paintball. [For The Win]

Mocks have Alex Len going anywhere from four to 10. [Terps Insider]

Everyone at Georgetown should be taking the #RoyHibbertChallenge. [FTW]