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The Blog Show Two Reunite ‘On the DL’

blog-show-reunion.jpgIf you can handle Dan Steinberg and I talking about ourselves, Blog Show, Wilmington, Cooley vs. Arenas, The Big Lead vs. everybody, blogs in general, Hitler,, the Olympics and so on and so forth for almost an hour, hit the latest On the DL podcast, where host Dan Levy serves up the program in its entirety or chopped and screwed into shorter clips if you like.

It’s good fun as Levy is excellent, Steinz always cracks me up and this is just about my favorite stuff to talk about. Plus, it’s a treat to be on a podcast that I actually subscribe and listen to. Really, On the DL makes every jog go that much faster. You know, when they’re not talking about Philly.

Blog Show No. 53: I Hate Goodbyes

If I wasn’t so rushed, I’d get weepy about this like the last time my dalliance with a blog-based sports broadcast came to an end. Fortunately for you, I’m in the midst of working moving having a baby, so let’s stick to the facts.

What the Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic viewing audience (Hi, Grandma!) was treated to Wednesday late afternoon was the final edition of Blog Show as we know it. Steinz and I got to panel-ize along with highly professional broadcast professional Russ Thaler for the entire 60 minutes of Washington Post Live; wearing big boy clothes all the while. One of the segments (the one seen below, in fact), centered on the awkward little program that could and walked through our signature moments: broken YouTubes, obscene dancing, Soulja Boy, Erin Andrews, Don King and so on.

It was enormous fun, if a bit indulgent, and I thank super producer Adam Littlefield and company for giving us the opportunity, which really was once in a lifetime. Again, I don’t have time to get into it, but if you want to see me emote on the matter, just go to the 8:11 mark. I mean it all.

Bonus: Follow the jump for Rusty’s poignant and flattering final thought, titled “Blog Show=The Simpsons” (not really).
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Blog Show Rings the Bell One Last Time

blog-show-logo-120.jpgThis is the last stand for Blog Show as we know it, so the fine folks at Comcast SportsNet — who’ve supported this boondoggle since the word go — are handing the keys to Steinz and I for today’s entire hour-long edition of Washington Post Live.

Well, they’re not so much handing us the keys as they are allowing us to sit in the backseat while broadcast professional Russ Thaler drives the family wagon. But still, it will be our last time on-air together as the Blog Show Two. So tune in, or just catch highlights ’round here sometime tomorrow.

Programming note that’s not all that applicable any longer: Blog Show airs in D.C. and Baltimore on Comcast SportsNet and nationally on DirectTV channel 629 Tuesdays around 5:25ish p.m. ET (and again around 11:25ish) as part of Washington Post Live.

Blog Show 52: Big Daddy Drew Magary

You’re probably not supposed to get away with this stuff on regional late afternoon cable television, hence the tardiness of this bootleg, but our site’s standards are not so high. Either way, the next edition of Blog Show will be my last, so it’s good to have a guy like Drew on the program before shoving off. We thank him for his time and candor, even if it was tough to get him to come out of his hard candy shell. Obviously.

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Today’s Blog Show Mystery Guest Is …

Big Daddy Drew Drew Magary, whom you may know as a founding editor of Kissing Suzy Kolber, a weekly columnist for Deadspin and author of the forthcoming book Men With Balls. (Update: Here’s a sneak peek.)


So if that’s what you’re into, tune into Comcast SportsNet this late afternoon, or come back tomorrow for the YouTube. We can’t promise much, but we can promise that Drew will be talking about his Balls. A lot.

Programming note: Blog Show airs in D.C. and Baltimore on Comcast SportsNet and nationally on DirectTV channel 629 Tuesdays around 5:25ish p.m. ET (and again around 11:25ish) as part of Washington Post Live.

Blog Show No. 51: ESPN’s Erin Andrews

Since interviewing her last Thursday for Blog Show (video below), a lot of folks have asked, “What’s she like?” Well …

We met in the hotel lobby, made small talk, did the interview and took goofy photos all in just 30 minutes, so it’s kind of hard to say, though she was surprisingly gracious, jocular and unguarded. And while she’s even prettier in-person than on TV, it’s not in a sexpot kind of way. She seems more like a best girl friend than your best friend’s girl, so to speak.

She’s also the type who says “scandal” after spilling water on her iPhone, describes Hot Clicks editor Jimmy Traina as “so cute” and uses jargon like “good get” when discussing her interview with Jon Lester.

All of these things endear her to you as she’s somewhat of a sensation, yet you’d never know it in talking unless you brought it up. Of course, it is brought up in the following interview that’s rather difficult to watch; if only because no one looks good when sharing a screen with Erin Andrews.

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Let’s Tease Erin Andrews a Little Bit More


As mentioned last week, Erin Andrews is appearing with us on Blog Show tomorrow night.* Set your DVR or Tivo or what have you, and join us in thanking Miss Andrews for being such a good sport and impromptu model.

* Blog Show airs in D.C. and Baltimore on Comcast SportsNet and nationally on DirectTV channel 629 Tuesdays around 5:25ish p.m. ET (and again around 11:25ish) as part of Washington Post Live.

Blog Show 50: Celebrating Under Protest

Mrs. Relevant, a first-grade teacher, goes all out when a celebration is called for: arts & crafts, photo collages and baked goods that come out of the oven shaped like stuff. For her, it’s all about theme development. For me, it’s all about going to Party City and dropping $20 on an armload of nothing.

That said, here’s the 50th episode of Blog Show, and it’s a celebration, ladies and gentlemen, along with an added bonus: Washington Post Live host Russ Thaler’s highly professional introduction.

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