DMV: Meet The New Ross

Nats get a pleasant surprise with new SP Ross Ohlendorf. [Nats Insider]

Good beer for sale at P-Nats, let’s hope it gets to the bigs soon. [Bog]

One awful inning does in the Orioles attempt at a sweep. [Camden Chat]

The O’s are in a tough spot with reliever Pedro Strop. [Balt. Sun]

Great GIF set of what RG3 should and shouldn’t do on honeymoon. [HH]

Playing like a rookie, David Amerson taketh, Amerson giveth away. [RR]

Newly signed Redskins WR Donte’ Stallworth’s butt caught on fire. [Bog]

Never mind what you heard, Skins offense won’t change. [The Insider]

Thanks to @recordsandradio for the Ohlendorf Vine.

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