DMV: Not The Best Start For Ovi

Milbury: Ovechkin is “playing with animals” and “is a dog now.” [Ovetjkin]

Ted Leonsis is also concerned about Ovechkin’s slow start. [Puck Daddy]

“Underlying numbers” show that the Caps shouldn’t panic. [Russian Machine]

The Redskins’ most glaring needs: strong and free safety. [Burgundy Blog]

LorAx advocates for assistant ST coach Hightower to replace Smith. [TWT]

Skins beat Denver in Super Bowl XXII 25 years ago today. [Redskins Blog]

Wizards lost at Philly 92-84 without Bradley Beal (wrist). [Bullets Forever]

Beal selected for Rising Stars Challenge at All-Star Weekend. [Wiz Insider]

Gio’s offseason strength coach named in the PED report. [Nats Journal]

Maryland lost at FSU on a backbreaking three-pointer. [USAT Sports]

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