DMV: Wizards Land First Road Win

Behind 26 pts from Jordan Crawford, Wiz win 3rd game, first on road. [TAI]

More on the Wiz ugly win, with a dope techno remix. [DC Sports Nexus]

Did Ted really turn down a James Harden trade? [WaPo, Deadspin]

A deeper look at Harden rumors, which have been around a while. [BF]

Ted: “We can never comment about rumor and anonymous sources.” [TT]

While DC waits on pins, needles for RG3 news, his dad says he’ll play. [HH]

Skins fans celebrates MNF victory over Giants with vicious faceplant. [KSK]

Despite word of too many Ravens fans, Harbaugh credits Skins crowd. [Bog]

Vegas likes Nationals chances of winning World Series in 2013. [CSNW]

The one about Czaban, Pollin and a transgender basketball player. [Bog]

The Onion takes a look at working conditions at Bleacher Report. [Onion]

Time to get excited about return of Arrested Development. [Grantland]

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