DMV: MASN’s Bob & F.P. Show Renewed For Another Season

Sounds like Bob and F.P. will call Nats games in 2013. [Capital Games]

The Nats have played 32 guys in center field since 2005. [Nats Insider]

Denard Span was actually born in DC, but not on purpose. [Nats Journal]

Span once hit his mom with a foul, which is incredible. [Nats Enquirer]

DeAngelo Hall fined for unspecified infractions in the Dallas game. [PFT]

Alfred Morris had to bum a ride to work because his ’91 Mazda. [Bog]

Chevy dealership will give away cars if the Skins shut out NY. [Bog]

Jordan Crawford: Wiz have the best fans. (This is full of nuggets.) [Bog]

Jeff Probst of all people reunites Robin Ficker and Isiah Thomas. [Bog]

Caps are the NHL’s 11th-most valuable franchise in 2012. [Caps Insider]

2 thoughts on “DMV: MASN’s Bob & F.P. Show Renewed For Another Season”

  1. Jeff Probst reunites Robin Ficker and Isiah Thomas.

    Seems like that should be on a Demotivational Poster with the subtitle, “Your Arguement is Invalid”

  2. “You know for all the stats out there for pitchers, it’s surprising they don’t have one for total outs recorded.”
    -Bob Carpenter

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