DMV: Season Over For Redskins

The Skins, 3-6 at the bye, now enter talent-evaluation mode. [John Keim]

Mike Shanahan gets blasted for acknowledging the obvious. [Mike Wise]

I kind of hope RGIII never gives Cam Newton a call, you know? [Bog]

Wiz played better in home opener, barely lost to Boston. [Bullets Forever]

Important: an illustrated history of Jordan Crawford steez. [Truth About It]

Andray Blatche live-tweeted running out of gas in NJ. [USA TODAY Sports]

Brian Goodwin hit a leadoff HR in the Rising Stars game. [Nats Enquirer]

Adam Kilgore has your Nats Arizona Fall League preview. [Nats Journal]

Eight big 2012-13 free agents the Nats may be interested in. [Nats Insider]

Seth Allen impressed in exhibition, figures to be in Terps’ rotation. [TI]

Maryland lost bad to Ga. Tech, even though Stefon Diggs is great. [TT]

JMU finally played well and won big up at Maine. [JMU Sports Blog]

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