DMV: The Most Pats-Skins Thing Since Andre Carter Got 10 Sacks

Report: NE tried out three recently failed Skins kickers. [Capital Games]

DeAngelo Hall will be fined but not suspended. Or cut. [The Insider]

A long list of all of D. Hall’s foolishness as a Redskin. [Krem’s Sports]

RGIII gave socks to trick-or-treaters at his house on Halloween. [Bog]

Just a little anecdote about RGIII being totally awesome. [Burgundy Blog]

LaRoche, Sean Burnett declined options, are now free agents. [Nats Journal]

Projecting Maryland’s lineup for the opener vs. Kentucky. [Testudo Times]

Steinz has all of the best D.C. sports Halloween costumes for you. [Bog]

Comcast SportsNet has hired a new reporter/anchor, Nicole Darin. [Bog]

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