DMV: Skins Fan Pees On Dallas

A Redskins fan appear to piss on the Dallas star. [Hogs Haven]

FedEx is one of the NFL’s older stadiums. Whoa. [Real Redskins]

Hey, another blog interviewed Robert Griffin III. [Hogs Haven]

Source: D.C. is frontrunner for 2015 All-Star Game. [Nats Insider]

All-Stars weigh in on Bryce Harper vs. Mike Trout. [Jeff Passan]

Gio Gonzalez played DJ for the NL locker room. [Nats Journal]

Wiz 2nd-rounder Tomas Satoransky to play summer League. [BF]

D.C. and Philly college hoops stars face off this summer. [Bog]

JMU football has three preseason All-Americans. [JMUSB]

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