DMV: This Reed Doughty Error Card Is A Great Error Card

Reed Doughty’s 2008 Panini, shared by Doughty himself, seems to have a minor defect. Can you spot it? [Hogs Haven]

Drew Magary savages Dan Snyder’s bio blurbage. [Deadspin]

Gov. McDonnell taking heat for cutting deal with Skins. [WaPo]

Chris Wallace uses “TACQB” on Fox News. [Bog]

Single-A Auburn (Nats) have some interesting players. [Nats Journal]

R.A. Dickey 1-hits the O’s, his 2nd straight 1-hitter. [Camden Chat]

Akron paper reports MKG won’t slip past the Wiz. [Bullets Forever]

Longtime Cap Ken Clee is on the HOF ballot, somehow. [RMNB]

Mark Turgeon expands a little on those Pride uniforms. [Bog]

Chick Hernandez, others filling in on the WRC anchor desk. [Bog]

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