DMV: Ex-Cap Alan May Challenges Mike Milbury to a Fight, Sort Of

Alan May, who played with Dale Hunter and for Mike Milbury, laid into Milbury pretty good on live TV. Pick it up around the three-minute mark. [Bog]

Milbury, a noted Ovechkin hater, had written/said pretty critical stuff. [Bog]

Caps lost their first game with Dale Hunter 2-1 to St. Louis. [Japers’ Rink]

Dale Hunter has one suit, apparently. It is blue. [Caps Watch]

Here’s a pretty nice Dale Hunter t-shirt for you. [twoeightnine design]

Dale Hunter used to be quite the practical joker, you guys. [Bog]

Hunter named Jim Johnson his new top defensive coach. [Caps Watch]

This circa 1990 Caps music video has class out the ass. [Bog]

Mark and Angela Rypien were at the Seahawks game. [Redskins Blog]

Maryland lost a close one to Illinois in College Park. [Testudo Times]

A bizarre rumor about the Jaguars pursuing Randy Edsall. [Terps Insider]

JMU’s trip to Fargodome is their longest one ever. [4th President and Long]

Washington Post Live, former home of Blog Show, is no more. [Bog]

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