DMV: Joey Chestnut Ate 2 Gallons Of Ben’s Chili In 6 Minutes

Joey Chestnut won the World Chili Eating Championship in D.C., which can’t feel good, at least physically. Also, miss you Kobiyashi. [Young & Hungry, WTOP]

The Caps won their season opener in OT against Carolina. [Japer’s Rink]

It was a bit of a surprise that Tomas Vokoun didn’t start. [Caps Insider]

Alex Semin’s late-game cheap shot earned him a broken necklace. [RMNB]

An entire column about Ovi’s new physique. [Mike Wise]

Photos from Nyjer Morgan’s Friday night postgame celebration. [BLS]

De facto Gold Glove campaign videos for Matt Wieters. [Camden Chat]

ESPN ranks John Wall as the NBA’s 40th-best player. [Truth About It]

Kobe Bryant tells a sad, hilarious story about Kwame Brown. [Wiz Insider]

Stock report from Maryland’s loss at Georgia Tech. [Testudo Times]

One thought on “DMV: Joey Chestnut Ate 2 Gallons Of Ben’s Chili In 6 Minutes”

  1. How about Carlos Rogers? Pick 6 this weekend and he now has 3 picks on the year. Can someone check to see if he had hand transplants this offseason?

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