DMV: Redskins Lotto Tickets Now Only A Moderately-Priced Rip-Off

Redskins lottery tickets, which started two years ago at $20 per, have dropped all the way down to a league-average $5. [City Desk]

Interesting Redskins stats for D-Hall, Jason Campbell, etc. [The Insider]

A good player-by-player report card for the 2011 Nats. [Nats Insider]

It’s expected that Andy MacPhail will resign from the O’s. [The Sun]

Caps extend Jason Chimera to 2014. [Japers’ Rink]

Marcus Johansson probably won’t break out this year. [RMNB]

Ovechkin is the only Caps “young gun” who has risen in the playoffs. [OFB]

Previewing tomorrow’s big JMU-Richmond matchup. [JMU Sports Blog]

Ralph Friedgen is “flying the Georgia Tech flag now.” [Testudo Times]

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