The Redskins Logo on a Woman’s Tooth

The Redskins are holding a fan photo contest for the right to have lunch with Bruce Allen. Exciting. One contestant caught my eye with her entry:

I will always be a redskin fan and the permanent crown on my tooth with the Skins logo will make sure everyone knows that I eat and sleep the Skins!! forever!!

That’s right, the Redskins logo on a tooth, a subtle display of fansanity.

(Via Redskins Blog, which has other highlights from the contest.)

5 thoughts on “The Redskins Logo on a Woman’s Tooth”

  1. Dan Snyder’s legal team just sent her a nasty letter demanding licensing revenue from that tooth.

  2. Being a “fan” (which I am) is one thing, but this REALLY looks as though someone is significantly less mentally competant.

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