More Like Jayson Werthless and Adam LaRoach, AMIRITE?

It’s no secret that the Nats’ two big newcomers, Jayson Werth and Adam LaRoche, aren’t hitting. I think we have some interesting data here, though.

These two months have actually been among the worst months these guys have ever had. For Werth, his .752 OPS in April and .759 OPS in May are among the top-four worst months of his career dating back to when he became a regular in Philly. For LaRoche, his .620 OPS in April and .470 OPS in May are among the top-eight worst months of his career period.

Werth’s 10 worst months (based on OPS)
1. Sep-08 — .697
2. May-08 — .747
3. Apr-11 — .752
4. May-11 — .759

5. Sep-07 — .786
6. May-09 — .794
7. Apr-09 — .810
8. Jun-08 — .818
9. Sep-09 — .824
10. Jul-08 — .855

LaRoche’s 10 worst months (based on OPS)
1. May-11 — .470
2. Apr-08 — .472
3. Jul-09 — .502
4. Apr-07 — .520
5. Sep-10 — .528
6. Aug-05 — .571
7. Apr-04 — .594
8. Apr-11 — .620
9. May-09 — .650
10. Jul-10 — .670

Considering the Nats lineup hasn’t scored in 19 straight innings, let’s hope the corrections kick in any game now.

Also, data!

3 thoughts on “More Like Jayson Werthless and Adam LaRoach, AMIRITE?”

  1. so basically a combined $17 mill this year to not hit shit…on the bright side, no errors by Laroach in the field…..sigh

  2. I’m guessing that LaRoche needs shoulder surgery (though he is a notoriously slow starter) and Werth needs Zimmerman.

    That or they both entered a sports town cursed beyond imagination.

  3. Werth hasn’t been that bad, it’s just that he was consistently good to great in Philly. And, as Kev alluded to, he’s in a much worse lineup right now.

    LaRoche, on the other hand, has been truly awful, but he’s had plenty of other awful months before.

    I’m expecting both of them to bounce back, but we’re almost 50 games into the season.

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