Four More Amazing ’80s Redskins Photos (Via Neal Olkewicz’ Facebook Album)

We’ve already blogged about the Facebook activity of Art Monk, Gary Clark and Neal Olkewicz, but as long as Olky keeps adding vintage Skins pics I’m gonna keep sharing. Here are four fresh ones, each of which is exceedingly glorious, along with captioning from Olkewicz’ himself:

“Redskin linebackers on the way to ‘War in Dallas’.” (Top row, from left to right: Mel Kaufman, Pete Cronan and Rich Milot. Bottom row, from left to right: Olkewicz, Larry Kubin, Monte Coleman and Stuart Anderson.)

“The late great Nate Fine catches us before another inspirational meeting at training camp in the 80’s!” (From left to right: Mark May, Olkewicz, Joe Jacoby, Chris Cooley lookalike Curtis Jordan and Russ Grimm.)

“Shedding some blood vs. the Saints”

“Plane ride home from San Diego”

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