Professional Baseball Player Adam Jones Thinks He’s Better at Baseball Than You

Orioles centerfielder — and 2009 All-Star! — Adam Jones is having a rough April. His team is off to its worst start in 20-plus years and he’s hitting like a pitcher, which is similar to how he hit in the second half of last season.

Adam Jones also has a Twitter account. Given the circumstances, that may not be the best idea. For example, this morning he unleashed the following on his Twitter following:

its time i catch fire. hasnt been the most productive month but still playing my azz off like usual.

funny how people thinks its easy from the stands.

i wanna hold a small clinic where i have people meet me at camden, i take them into the cage and throw bp. who think they can hit?????

If it happens, I’d like to show up for that clinic. Not because I think I can hit, no, but because I’d like to remind Adam that he’s the one being paid to hit, and those in the stands are the ones paying to yell at him when he doesn’t.

Also, this is Adam Jones’ background image on Twitter:

5 thoughts on “Professional Baseball Player Adam Jones Thinks He’s Better at Baseball Than You”

  1. Adam, I dont “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” but “The Way You Make Me Feel”, “I Got to Be There” for this “Thriller” of a clinic. It’s “Human Nature” to answer a challenge, even one that wont exactly “Heal the World”. “Who Is It” that would throw “Dangerous” BP speed pitching? I think I’m “Bad” enough to “Beat It” “Off The Wall”? “Will You Be There” to “Enjoy Yourself”? People might think Im “In the Closet”, but “Black or White”, “You Rock My World” and “I Just Cant Stop Loving You”.

  2. I like Adam Jones but this is stupid as hell. This is typical of any slumping sports star. “Oh why don’t you come and try it!” No shit we can’t, we’re not paid to do it the $$$ you are. So get in shape you douche.

    Jones has alienated all Orioles.

  3. “Professional Baseball Player Adam Jones Thinks He’s Better at Baseball Than You”

    Well he’s just wrong.

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