Warning: D.C. Area Residents May Soon See Increase in Vehicles Sittin’ Sidewayz

We still simply cannot figure out why the Skins used their third pick on wide receiver Malcom Kelly on Saturday after having already selected a WR and a receiving tight end. Whatever the reason for picking Kelly, we can no longer be too upset about it after seeing this video of him “freestylin'” (although it seems written) after Oklahoma won the Big 12 title back in ’06:

The only thing that concerns me is Kelly’s self-admitted chronic cough issue. It’s so bad that he apparently is forced to drink excessive amounts of prescription strength promethazine-codeine. It shouldn’t affect him on the field, however, as Kelly tends to only need his cough syrup when he’s steady tippin’ on 4-4s.

(Video via Littles, who’s putting CSN blogs on the map)

4 thoughts on “Warning: D.C. Area Residents May Soon See Increase in Vehicles Sittin’ Sidewayz”

  1. I now feel the same way about Washington’s selection of Malcolm Kelly as I do about Washington’s selection of Colt Brennan: Bad pick from a football standpoint, but great pick from a blog standpoint.

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