Lost Treasure Found: Chip Lohmiller And Pete Stoyanovich’s 1993 McDonald’s Ad

This “split the uprights” commercial for Mickey D’s is a continuation of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird’s crazy game of H-O-R-S-E, and MJ even makes a cameo here. I remember thinking it was awesome, and not strange at all that two kickers were center stage for a national commercial. Of course, I also don’t remember there being anything wrong with neg-burns.

(Fun Bunch-style high-fives to scruffylookinpt2 for digging this up, along with dozens of other vintage Redskins clips.)

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3 thoughts on “Lost Treasure Found: Chip Lohmiller And Pete Stoyanovich’s 1993 McDonald’s Ad”

  1. SVP: That name is not allowed around these parts. You may not have known that, so we’ll let it slide. Plus, we like you.

    I had the great misfortune of interning for a radio show that he hosted for AOL Sports. How to put this mildly … he’s pure evil.

  2. Washington kickers get some air time.

    Mosley, Atkinson and Chip.

    Matt Turk had a “Dog Depot” outside the Home Depot in Sterling.

    James Tuthill, or “Tut” as the Ball Coach would say is the manager of Regal Cinemas.

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