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Drew Rosenhaus Loves Working With the Redskins. Of Course He Does.

The Skins have officially restructured Santana Moss’ contract, thus extending him through the 2013 season. I won’t pretend to understand the nuances of how the salary cap works, but the new deal alleviates the hit the team would’ve taken from the release of Jon Jansen. The contract also makes Moss’ money this season and next guaranteed by basically converting his salary to signing bonuses totaling $6.3 million.

All of this had Drew Rosenhaus tweeting up a storm today. This was written over the course of three consecutive tweets:

I’m glad we were able to restructure Santana’s deal. It was a win-win. More guaranteed $ for Santana and more cap room for the Redskins. […]  Santana restructured his contract with the Redskins in order to guarantee and front load the next two seasons. This will also improve his … chances of getting a new contract extension after the 09 season. The Redskins are one of the best teams to work with – they want to win.

Things you do not want: Rosenhaus, the most notoriously greedy NFL agent, publicly expressing how much he loves working with you team. Basically, this means that your team is willing to meet Rosenhaus’ demands and (most likely) shell out excessive amounts of money for guys who are (more likely) aging veterans. But of course we already knew that about the Redskins. It doesn’t make Rosenhaus’ confirmation of it any less frustrating, though.

Having said that, this specific deal seems like a good one for the Skins. We’re certainly gonna need Moss over the next two seasons while either/both Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly develop into … something. After that, Moss’ money is guaranteed, we can cut ties if need be, take another cap hit, and start the cycle all over again.

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