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Donald Brashear Has a Strong Left Hook

If you’re gonna trifle with Brashear, first keep in mind that he sees no need to drop his gloves before he rearranges your face:

Brashear is a man who takes his fighting seriously, as the always reliable wikipedia informs us:

He has trained with boxing legend Joe Frazier as well as legendary UFC Champion James “Hoss” Skelton. … During the NHL lockout Brashear continued his work as an enforcer. However, without a hockey rink to fight in, he turned to amateur boxing. He had a record of 2-1, and is considering resuming it next summer.

I suppose it should also be pointed out that Brashear’s left hand, and subsequent six minutes of penalties, helped cost the Caps a moderately important game (although apparently the refs may of had some say in this one … of course, I didn’t actually watch the game). They’re six points out of the last playoff spot with 13 games left. The last time the were in the post-season was ’02-’03 when some curly-haired, mulletheaded fancy pants was floating around the ice.

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